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Tuesday, Sep 28, 2004

sail or moon

well, my friend who once claimed he was the worlds second best driver has driven his family off a cliff, figuratively speaking. actually it was his soon to be ex-wife that cut the brakeline. had he been buckled in im sure everything would be fine, but he had to go think his marriage was indestructable and got reckless. sorry mostly for the kids, theyre the ones that will suffer the worst of the whiplash. those headrests dont give much support.

but theres a happy ending to this brief tale, at least for me. in exchange for the wife and two kids, my friend has put a down payment on a 46' sailboat to be moored in saint johns. so it wont be long now before i have harrowing tales of the coast guard fishing us out of the drink (im so nautical) somewhere between virgin gorda and dominica. my timbers are already ashiver.