scissor me

- dave 12-08-2010 4:17 am

that was the best goal of the day. heres the worst. this is from the champions league tournament which is composed of the best teams from all european leagues from the previous year.

- dave 12-08-2010 4:22 am

todays best. theyre were probably more athletic efforts but as a forward who made countless runs on the goalie to no avail its nice to see one finally pan out. plus, it got benzema a hat trick for the game.

and for anyone paying attention todays games ended the group roundfor this years champions league and its on to the knockout (single elimination) round whenever the tournament picks up again. ur, in mid february.
- dave 12-09-2010 12:16 am

Did the goalie get credit for an assist on this?
- mark 12-09-2010 8:58 pm

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