high heaven
tonight should have been the last night on this stinkhole of a mattress but i fucked up my order so its delayed at least one day if not more. but also they misinformed me about getting it upstairs so i may be sleeping on the stairs outside the building if i cant bribe the delivery guys or a random passerby. only half kidding. meanwhile my tv is due tomorrow, a delivery that will surely not go off without a hitch, likely due to my spotty doorbell which makes every delivery a dicey affair. also, i waited all day for directv over the weekend only to find out that my reinstallation was suspended until i paid my verizon bill which was a paltry 80 dollars. i suppose its just as well as i have no stand to put the tv on. so you could say i put the horse before the cart assuming the horse is named samsung. that about covers this week at the follies brecher. a demain.... ill be at the laundromat washing my sheets if you need me.

- dave 9-07-2011 7:08 am

good luck. hope it is all situated by end of the week for lounging in bed and watching the open finals. i'm missing cable, not quite the same watching on computer...
- linda 9-07-2011 4:55 pm

i put a big honking note on the door for fed ex so i hope they can read. and the dispatcher for the delivery company did not discount the possibility that something might be worked out with the mattress movers tomorrow to get it up three flights of stairs but even so i am short a few pieces of furniture to deem any upgrade a success though surely an improvement.

and i havent sorted out directv yet. im expecting that the package i was offered will be rescinded after my payment is posted which will roil me to no end.

i miss cable less than i miss my tv (only because i have other means to view what i want to see and that it keeps me from surfing channels mindlessly) although i look forward to my first high definition experience. though im sure soon to be complaining about certain networks not broadcast in hd on directv. im looking at you, amc! (well, that has just been rectified.) one crisis averted, on to the next.
- dave 9-07-2011 5:43 pm

so the big fella came today, the tv that is. and there is a slight defect though one i can probably live with though if i had bought it locally i might try to return it post haste. will at least make inquiries tomorrow. there is clearly a dent in the back on the left edge which wouldnt bother me except the front edge which is supposed to be flush against the screen isnt which also wouldnt bother me except its causing a slight shadow around the edge where the frame isnt flush. and for a change i did nothing to cause it but i dont know if the sub-retailer through amazon will see it my way.

meanwhile, samsung was somewhat cagey as they tout the tvs wireless properties but neglect to inform you that it still requires a wireless beacon the cost of which moves it that much closer to the next model up which includes an internalized beacon among other bells and whistles i might like to have had i known the difference in price was so slight.

but for the moment ive got a 25 foot telephone cord stretched across the apartment attached to the modem and a 6 foot ethernet cable straining the rest of the way and the netflix streaming capability that is pre-loaded into the tv has been activated. so im going to inhale some pork dumplings and rewatch the mad men finale in hd on this 40 inch diagonal tv until i again have something pressing to complain about.
and the television is quite large, but as alex suggested, im sure ill adjust.
- dave 9-08-2011 1:10 am

Portugal. The Man - Sleep Forever from Portugal The Man on Vimeo.

this looked really good. the madmen ep looked so real that it looked uncomfortably unreal at times. the much higher samsungs have a qwerty keyboard which would make things easier as would a remote that you could see in the dark. really these companies are so fucking cheap its ridiculous. the aps are nice but with a cumbersome interface its a pain in the ass use them. case in point, having the vimeo interface is great but the search mechanism doesnt even work properly.
- dave 9-08-2011 3:56 am

you are watching internet tv on your tv?
- linda 9-08-2011 5:33 am

yes. thats my only option until the directv is reconnected. its like having the apple tv box preloaded on to my tv without apples interfunctionality between gadgets. as i turns out i am without gadgets but if i could have wirelessly streamed video from my computer had i invested in a stand alone box instead im gonna be pissed. and then im going to blame jim.

meanwhile i have a headache. im not going to blame it on jim though, or the vast televisual plain my eyes have to traverse but only because i can blame the rainy weather in which i have nothing invested.
- dave 9-08-2011 6:28 am

and yes, uncomfortably real was my first impression with hd. i didn't like it at first. now we just use it for streaming netflix, so not sure if we getting all the hd effects. but it's big! just wish it would show me some tennis. isn't there an apple tv box to connect computers to tv? maybe i should get that.
- linda 9-08-2011 4:58 pm

you should consult the apple tech expert on what it can and cannot do but you can definitely connect your laptop to your tv to use you tv as a monitor. depending on what models you have for tv and laptop would necessitate which wires were necessary. and you may need a second cord for the audio. again. consult your expert.
- dave 9-08-2011 6:19 pm

so, my short form update. mattress delivery delivered and they quoted me the exact price i was willing to pay. now all thats left to do is curse my way through assembling the metal frame which shouldnt be too hard. i pulled a seinfeld and whipped up some seltzer water which led to memories of egg creams (not mine) and some extraneous tech chatter when one of the guys saw the samsung wireless lan box on the table. immediately he started bitching about how ridiculous it was that this isnt included with their tvs so you can imagine how thrilled i was to add my disgust. by the end of the conversation, he was all ready to call me back to give me some information about how to crack an iphone but i just thanked him and said i could manage particularly as i had no iphone.

so that was my most fruitful interaction of the day, my least was with directv. my plan to cancel my directv account only to bundle it through verizon at a much lower rate for a year backfired to some extent. i dont know if i hadnt screwed up and not payed my verizon bill would the plan have worked out, my guess is not but now i wont ever know. i ping ponged back and forth between the two carriers this morning only to be told that the verizon bundle was only valid for non-preexisting directv customers and that i would have to have my directv account restarted separately. so, directv had called me since i cancelled asking what it would take to have me resign and i shunned their advances. now i would be essentially capitulating. what i needed was an agent that was sympathetic and anxious to give me the best deal possible but instead i got a by the book dipshit that forced me to get angry in order to get something free that i was offered months ago that was also part of the bundled package i was no longer eligible for. and i havent thought it all the way through but im going to be steaming once that first bill arrives and i realize how much more im paying for how much less programming. and as i bigger fuck you, he said the first available installation of the hd dish wont be for almost two weeks and in the meantime i am unable to use my old box because the account has been terminated. i could have made more of a fuss over that but the amazon delivery guy was waiting downstairs. did i mention i ordered that at around 7pm last night? that was a great turnaround. i guess they have some products stashed locally for quick access. one of those items is not a mini dvi to hdmi adapter however.

oy... as a karma bonus (must be because i freely distributed cd rips last week to the forlorn) someone left an ugly wickery end table outside with a "free" sign affixed and for the moment my tv sits atop it. but now im going to try and configure this wireless lan which i failed at on the first attempt and then lunch before making my bed which like this i likely could have constructed better.

note to jim l. i did browbeat directv into giving me the nfl package so you can continue your charm offensive at least until christmas.
- dave 9-08-2011 6:53 pm

even shorter comment: cocksuckers sent me the wrong mattress. glad my cynicism has been validated once again.
- dave 9-08-2011 11:17 pm

Yeah, real sorry I missed that 108 yard kickoff return last night. Your justifiably malcontented postings almost make me wish I were stuck in a rainy Virginia chainsawing a hurricane felled hundred year old apple tree or self debating--climb up or not on my wet roof with chainsaw to remove the split in half mock pear tree resting there? So far the neighs have it but that 40 foot gangster leaning pine tree up between the Bighouse and the barn will have to go before I do. Also, when you change your mind, buy that iPhone, decide it needs cracking, and call that delivery guy, will you also get into a berating of Apple Corp for it's football fan hating no flash no silverlight plugin fuck you anyway for wanting to enjoy a football game live or after the fact on your iPod mentality.
- jimlouis 9-09-2011 1:37 pm

i would call it not entirely unjustifiable malcontented postings. spending money unwisely is the jewish equivalent of chainsawing in a hurricane. read zephaniah and youll understand. then come explain it to me.
- dave 9-09-2011 2:34 pm

third tv came today w/repairman in tow. samsung came to replace the screen and the screen alone not the rest of the innards and the shell. i guess that is cost effective for them. looks good but i cant tell anymore. meanwhile the mattress is supposed to be replaced soon. im still worried i wont like the firmer one once its here which is why ive dragged my feet but im hoping my lower back ache will thank me in the end.
- dave 10-25-2011 11:07 pm

Learn to sleep standing up; saves space.
- alex 10-26-2011 1:12 am

Let us know how it turns out.
- bill 10-26-2011 1:40 am

well, the firm has arrived and my back better appreciate it because as i feared im already missing the plushiness. my mantra is that i can always add a pillowtop but if it turns out my back achiness is "a result of sedentary life styles with too little (sometimes punctuated by too much) exercise" im going to be annoyed with myself. ok, moreso.
- dave 10-28-2011 5:48 pm

better start napping to get it all figured out. and then some yoga!
- linda 10-28-2011 9:28 pm

ooh. so close. it was nap then crack a beer. though your pair probably makes more sense long term.
- dave 10-28-2011 10:47 pm

there's always tomorrow.
- linda 10-29-2011 5:10 am

had samsung come back today. they are going to replace a third tv screen. the guy said he isnt seeing much of this problem but its hard to believe my luck is this bad that the same problem has occurred on three separate occasions.
- dave 1-25-2012 8:36 pm

Maybe the screens are being damaged by your building's crappy power supply?
- jim 1-25-2012 8:38 pm

is that possible? they are imperfect from the get go not some sort of accretion.
- dave 1-25-2012 8:48 pm

Probably not possible.
- jim 1-25-2012 9:26 pm

I'm sure this has nothing to do with the incredible financial loss suffered from replacing Dave's TV forty-seven times:

Samsung spins off struggling LCD business.
- jim 2-20-2012 3:16 pm

maybe they should consider going into the universal translator market as that article makes plain there is an need.
- dave 2-20-2012 4:03 pm

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