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"Ever since I moved three years ago to Portland, Ore., that hotbed of all things hipster, Iíve been trying to get a handle on todayís youth culture. The style is easy enough to describe ó the skinny pants, the retro hats, the wall-to-wall tattoos. But style is superficial. The question is, whatís underneath? What idea of life? What stance with respect to the world?"

- dave 11-13-2011 7:21 pm

The stance is simple: self-congratulation regarding Portland exceptionalism.
- steve 11-14-2011 4:06 am

probly should have read the article before making the comment.
- steve 11-14-2011 4:18 am

i was going to suggest that but im just too decent a person. that and the fact that linda has probably "hoffa'd" skinny. make sure he is ok before you put the cat out.
- dave 11-14-2011 4:25 am

As of yesterday afternoon he was in fine form and still had the magic, scored us four fourth row center stage tickets for Pinkolicious.
- steve 11-14-2011 3:40 pm

now i understand why you pine for new york. its hard to believe that watching someone pump frozen yogurt passes for entertainment out there. at least the drugs are good.
- dave 11-14-2011 5:18 pm

- dave 11-14-2011 5:18 pm

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