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Thursday, Mar 04, 2004

ho down

much to my present dismay, i will soon be leaving the continent, with hopes to return not long after.


Wednesday, Mar 03, 2004

the moneydrippers

"Critics have questioned how tasteful it is to peddle replicas of the nails used to affix Christ to the cross."


holy water

trinity springhouse


dfn -- all the noise, all the time

8 hours kibbitzing with the peckel and the farshtinkener has left me fartootster for sure. feh!

went to the minimall at timeswarner. got a guided tour of the bose sound systems from $1000 to $3000. i almost felt like i was in Boogie Nights when the friendly bald black salesdude told us how much he loved the new harry connick jr. cd. yeeah. and he was enthusiastic about a scene from Finding Nemo with which he baits potential customers. "youve got to see the whale scene," all the live long day. you smell worse than the farshtinkener farshtook.

bought four types of water and little else at the new whole foods. made eye contact with lou reed in the atrium with the candlestick. he did not offer to help me with my watered down bags but i could tell he wanted to ask me something. maybe, how goes the plumbing? but they fixed the buzzer, right? the ceiling?

ted knights tick
one staredown mastered at a time

dialed in for dolors
wretched out and clutched someone

a suppurated peace
im ceiling you, offensively

hut one hut two

will that be smoking or non?


Tuesday, Mar 02, 2004

bayh!: the! musical!

via wonkette we see that eternal democratic vp candidate fodder evan bayh has legally changed his name and will only respond to "bayh!" henceforth.


Friday, Feb 27, 2004

bad news


Thursday, Feb 26, 2004

eau town

aquamania: water onthe brain


Sunday, Feb 22, 2004

double dip

as i am cableless, today is my first opportunity to watch the newlook knicks albeit without injured guard allen houston. as a bonus, its my first look at the cavaliers and lebron james.

its hard to complain about what isiah thomas and marbury have brought to the knicks despite my initial misgivings. but it was hard to look bad after what preceded it. the knicks despite a sub .500 record are already well positioned for a playoff spot in the anemic eastern conference.

im sure by 1:30 ill be disinterested but if you want to take a peek the hype begins on abc at 1pm est.


sideshow by the seashore

schwarzenegger and nader on meet the press. its painful to watch the governor governate. california needs a good slap.


Thursday, Feb 19, 2004

an affair to remember

blogwatching --the dreyfuss report

via talking points memo