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Monday, Aug 23, 2004

so much not to like

its so painfully boring to point this shit out but heres another misleading ny times headline.

"Bush Denounces Outside Groups' Influence on Campaign"

of course the key to that headline is the placement of the apostrophe. someone who is closely monitoring will immediately understand that nothing new will follow as bush will have intoned the talking points repeated ad naseum yesterday on the chat fests. when asked to condemn the ad any apparachnik will quickly move the goalposts to condemn all 527s and call for their rapid termination, but never will they denounce the swiftboat lies and fabrications. and then for good measure to put the dems on the defensive, they will call them out to condemn the nasty 527s. if you can include a dark allusion to moveon.org and george soros than you receive bonus points toward your quest for entre into republican valhalla.


i cant get one bit of spittle out before they go and change the headline. it now reads

"Bush Urges End to Attack Ads by Outside Groups on All Sides.'

id still like to see

"Bush Wont Denounce Dubious Swiftboat Claims"

but thats just me.


numbers game

"1+1=2. Mathematics doesn't get any more basic than this, but even 1+1 would stump the brightest minds among the Piraha tribe of the Amazon. A study appearing today in the journal Science reports that the hunter-gatherers seem to be the only group of humans known to have no concept of numbering and counting."



"Swift Boat Veterans for "Truth" v. The Truth"


diamond mind

"A Better Way to Build a Baseball Team"


Sunday, Aug 22, 2004

blame everyone

"In case you hadn't already noticed, portraying themselves as victims is an important component of the Right's strategy."


Friday, Aug 20, 2004

no fly zone

"WASHINGTON - Sen. Edward M. Kennedy [related, bio] thought he'd been called every name in the book during his career - until airline ticket agents mistakenly flagged him as a terrorist suspect at Boston and Washington airports."


army of god 2

"In short, the West Bank from which Olmert wants Israel to withdraw and from which Sharon says, with rather less credibility, he wants to withdraw, is not the same West Bank that existed 20 years ago, and the Israeli military is not the same force it was 20 years ago. If, indeed, the political echelon ever gets its act together and moves from talk of withdrawal to actual withdrawal, it is likely that it will likely face militant organized opposition."


army of god

"US FORCES fighting in Iraq have been accused of secretly training in Israel, where they have been taught tactics used over the past four years against Palestinian militants in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

A senior Israeli military expert confirmed that elite American troops were regularly trained in Israel."


balls in his court

didnt see it but i like how it sounds. someone must have reminded chris matthews that hes a democrat (has a conscience) and that you are allowed to take liars to task, and that that too can be good for ratings.


Thursday, Aug 19, 2004

crop circles

"This November's Presidential election will be no exception, as a bumper of initiatives addressing marijuana policy and enforcement will appear on various state and municipal ballots. Below is a summary of this November's more prominent marijuana law reform proposals."