cougarville could be worse. well crafted funny. falls short in many ways though

- bill 2-05-2010 7:30 pm

Oh come on, give us a link at least. If it's funny it must have achieved some success; if it falls short, say how. Is this the Courtney Cox vehicle we're taking about (I recall some adds in the subways last Fall...)?
- alex 2-06-2010 12:30 am [add a comment]

go to town.
- bill 2-06-2010 1:43 am [add a comment]

sorry that was bad. this is the show i based my opinion on.
- bill 2-06-2010 12:45 pm [add a comment]

Hagerty Insurance for classic cars
- mark 2-09-2010 3:34 am [add a comment]

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