Hogans heroes (1965) clearly drew from stalag 17 (1953) and the great escape (1963) But today Tcm ran a Brit film from 1962 called the password is courage that seems even closer to the tv show In it's sense of humor, plot and character identities.

From HH wiki entry:
The producers of the 1953 feature film Stalag 17, a World War II prisoner of war film released by Paramount Pictures (which now owns the DVD rights to Hogan's Heroes), unsuccessfully sued Bing Crosby Productions for infringement.[15][not in citation given] In his book, My War, Andy Rooney, who was a friend of Don Bevan and Ed Trzcinski—the authors of the original Stalag 17 play—relates that "...someone at CBS apparently ripped off their idea and made a television series called Hogan's Heroes of it. The television program had too many similarities in character and plot to be coincidental, and when Don and Ed sued the network they won a huge award."[16]

- bill 3-28-2012 10:02 pm

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