tv update!

ive been kind of dreading watching the second season of true detective after its lukewarm reception. i dont care much for colin farrell and even less for vince vaughn. gave it my first go round this afternoon and turned it off after 15 minutes. i couldnt make out much of what they were saying what with all the self serious murming going on. were it not for the pedigree id bail right now but if it doesnt find a reason for being beyond creating a mood i might not be around for long. even the leftovers managed to be intriguing while maintaining a sense of dread, though i hear that is in for a hard reboot for season 2 this fall.

i did find the new show humans on amc more to my liking. has the potential to turn south quickly but humanoid cyborgs as servants becoming sentient piqued my interest.

also, season 3 of masters of sex starts tonight on showtime...

- dave 7-12-2015 8:48 pm

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