Just to update you, we've done the whole Black Sails. Pretty good. And now we are almost caught up (currently mid season 3) with Vikings. Similarly good in the soft-porn super-violent period piece sort of way. What's next Dave?

- jim 3-24-2016 1:49 pm

there was already a thread with a number of options most of them period dramas. i cant remember them all. outlander was a possibility. set in 18th century scotland. fish out of water drama. 16 eps but next season starts in april. so good time to get hooked.

if not a historical drama, justified wouldnt be a bad call. based on elmore leonard stories. theres like five or six seasons of that to keep you occupied. federal marshall heads home to appalachia. confronts past, local crime lords. very funny at times.

cant recall if you ever saw deadwood. thats another option. they lead in justified is also in this. looks good in a cowboy hat apparently.

- dave 3-24-2016 6:40 pm [add a comment]

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