always been a fan of maria bamfords off kilter comedy. she has a new netflix show called lady dynamite that is.... wait for it.... getting good buzz. 

- dave 5-21-2016 11:47 am

watched the first one. definitely unusual. 4th wall breaks with meta-analysis on comedy tropes, surreal elements with animals replacing humans, flashbacks within flashbacks. its produced by the creator of arrested development which is a good sign. might end up being too self aware for its own good but will get a fair amount of praise from the comedy geek community.

- dave 5-21-2016 7:32 pm [add a comment]

arrested development was it's own worst enemy. too clever x 2. points for persistence. will check it out, thanks. sounds like Miranda. (kidding).

- bill 5-22-2016 10:40 am [add a comment]

arrested development was genius. you are your own worst enemy.

i have never seen miranda nor had i heard of it til now but i did think that actress was good in spy.

watched about two minutes of it. that is a reasonable comparison but its like comparing my cooking to jims. i promise you jims is better even if he calls 'boil in a bag' 'sous vide.' i know its not boiling. shut up. the shite laugh track is enough to make me turn it off.

kidding. not kidding.

- dave 5-22-2016 12:08 pm [add a comment]

yeah that laugh track and so many other low budgie brit-com production pitfalls, including relentless pratfalls. but it seems they were all there on purpose. must have been a hard creative decision to stick to. i understand arrested development is well thought of. still i never look forward to it other than to kill time. No, Liza Maneli is her own worst enemy! btw, i binge watched W Arnett in Flaked. 1 season only story arc, set in venice ca. with a bunch of AA bo-hos co-starring gentrification. just ok but not too bad. i was recovering from an operation.

- bill 5-22-2016 4:41 pm [add a comment]

  • sure, play the sick card.

    didnt watch flaked nor did i see if it was well thought of. only saw him pimping it out for a few days on twitter. a little tired of arnett to be honest though i liked bojack horseman a lot which he was the lead voice actor for.


    - dave 5-22-2016 5:38 pm [add a comment]

I've seen about 5 episodes. I think she's great and it's funny but at times so wacky I don't think I get it.  Makes me feel old.

- steve 7-27-2016 11:14 pm [add a comment]

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