just heard some praise from mr robot creator sam esmail for bbc show fleabag now streaming on amazon.

excellent post mortem with esmail looking back over the preceding season and the reaction to it, how he approaches the show and what he is trying to accomplish. definitely worth a listen if you are a fan of the show and perhaps had some misgivings about the second season. 

- dave 9-23-2016 1:37 am

also mentioned was gomorrah which turns out is an italian crime drama. dont have any intention of diving in as i havent even watched the wire which it is compared to. nor have i made an effort to watch narcos which has some decent buzz. the last european crime drama i watched started strong but fizzled out towards the end that being the last panthers. same might be said for the night manager. its easy to get your attention but hard to maintain it i suppose as the pieces fall into place.

- dave 9-23-2016 1:47 am [add a comment]

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