I've been watching Black Mirror on netflix.  Premise is a lot like The Twilight Zone, each episode is a complete story with a moral. The stories are usually set in the near future and concern our relationship to technology and media.  Also kind of reminds me of William Gibson's novel The Peripheral which I am currently reading.

- steve 1-07-2017 9:09 am

Great I need something new as I am now a bit of a junkie now....

Loved OA and 3%, suffered through one about some talk less kid that could see the future and used numbers to have his dad do stuff....

- Skinny 1-07-2017 4:17 pm [add a comment]

I am having a hard time with it so I watched (yes a movie Dave:>) How I Live Now, parts were tough to watch but thought it was good

- Skinny 1-08-2017 1:59 pm [add a comment]

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