got four minutes before episode 2 of collateral finishes downloading. whats collateral, you say? one of the middling dramas ive scared up recently. heres a quick rundown from best to worst.

counterpart - parallel dimension spy thriller with jk simmons >> collateral - british murder mystery miniseries starring carey mulligan >> the alienist - period serial killer mystery >> endeavour >> prequel to inspector morse, period detective drama >> knightfall - pretty lame templars/ holy grail drama on history channel

maybe ill check out some middling sci-fi next. altered carbon on netflix

- dave 2-19-2018 8:04 pm

babylon berlin looks promising but ill have to find the right mood for subtitles.

- dave 2-19-2018 8:07 pm [add a comment]

I liked Babylon, and there's the Prime Suspect prequel Tennison 

- mb 2-20-2018 1:36 pm [add a comment]

  • they cancelled the prequel after one season. happy valley was supposed to be a good brit crime drama but i didnt get into it first time around and never went back.

    - dave 2-20-2018 6:30 pm [add a comment]

Knightfall was absolutely dreadful, but I am enjoying Collateral.  Alienist is definitely middling.  Just started Babylon Berlin, thanks for reminding me of it's existence.

One brit period piece/time travel series that I absolutely loved was "Life on Mars" and Ashes to Ashes (the sequel both with John Simm.)  It's been around for a while.


- L.M. 2-20-2018 7:41 pm [add a comment]

  • i wont defend knightfall. its... not good. but something has to be the worst thing youre watching. i remember there was an abortive attempt at an american version of life on mars. think i watched an episode.

    - dave 2-20-2018 10:45 pm [add a comment]

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