We really enjoyed Ozark on Netflix. Now we need something new...

- jim 4-16-2019 5:32 pm

Just watched episode one of Ozark based on your recommendation, about to start e 2.

I enjoyed Traitors on Netflix - A women recruited by the OSS,  set in London. Looking forward to season 2.

- steve 4-17-2019 6:39 am [add a comment]

Thanks. Will give it a go.
- jim 4-17-2019 10:54 am [add a comment]

i still havent hit ozark but heard good things. like that julia garner. she had a small role on the americans. started traitors but then got sidetracked. one of the stars is on one of my guilty pleasure shows - the durrells. amusing enough and fun to daydream about living on corfu in the 1930s. maybe mentioned that before. in its final season. still pimping fleabag. two great seasons. the writer/star is also the creator of killing eve which just started its second season. everybody loves that show. watch barry if you havent. also midway through season two. hanna based on the movie of the same name was pretty meh. stars samantha mortons daughter. im still a couple of seasons behind on catastrophe. like a lot but can be a painful comedy watch. same with your the worst which i loved started to sag in season 4 but had an above average final season. i still havent tried to watch better things but the critics seem to love. was louis cks friend on his show. also the voice of bobby hill from king of the hill. a certain sector of my twitter feed (girls/gays) had high hopes for fosse/verdon. looks like it fell short of greatness but still sam rockwell and michelle williams. havent tried it yet. could recommend fair to middling english historical dramas and detective shows. first seasons of marcella and luther are pretty good. endeavour is 60s era oxford murder mystery of the week.

maybe ill clean this up later. getting sleepy.

- dave 4-17-2019 5:37 pm [add a comment]

did you watch alias grace?

- dave 4-17-2019 5:41 pm [add a comment]

I thought Alias Grace was very good, but the actresss looks enough like Lucy that it made for really sad watching.
- steve 4-17-2019 7:38 pm [add a comment]

Watched several episodes of Traitors last night. Pretty good so far. Will definitely keep going. Thanks.

- jim 4-22-2019 11:42 am [add a comment]

Finished Traitors. Pretty good. Several episodes into Marcella. Also good. Thanks.
- jim 4-27-2019 10:21 am [add a comment]

I can't get season 2 of Ozark to play on Netflix. Maybe just as well, it was stressing me out.
- steve 4-28-2019 2:13 am [add a comment]

I'll check out Marcella. I really liked seasons one and two of Happy Valley, hoping season 3 comes out soon. Also, I finally watched Deadwood and liked it. Maybe the movie will bring the closure.
- steve 4-28-2019 2:16 am [add a comment]

i was gonna mention deadwood which i recently rewatched. it does need a proper ending though.
- dave 4-28-2019 11:26 am [add a comment]

Finished Marcella. Can't argue that it's not good. But maybe it's too good somehow? Or I just felt more manipulated than entertained? Not much of a complaint though since we watched 16 episodes in a couple days. 

Still, it's no Ozarks. Really liked that one. 

- jim 5-01-2019 8:38 pm [add a comment]

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