present & near future streaming platforms: cutting the cord never seemed so not cheap. did i miss any? 


amazon prime

apple tv plus


hbo max (att/warner bros properties)


disney plus

- dave 9-13-2019 4:37 pm

my problem is we have a few of these and we only need every once and a while, while the $$ clock tick tock tick tock


- Skinny 9-13-2019 11:17 pm [add a comment]

I could do without Netflix but R wants it. Amazon is free with prime. R gets britbox (bbc). I got criterion for discount charter membership. Also Hulu. For music I use Spotify. But, I just dropped off the family stereo to get fixed. KLH turntable, fm stereo. Breaking out the parents Vinyl and junk I’ve accumulated. My records from youth were stolen by a junkie roommate. 

- bill 9-14-2019 3:28 pm [add a comment]

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