Anyone watch mrs america?

- bill 4-29-2020 7:21 pm

it could not be any easier to add a link to text. highlight the text > press the link icon > paste url

its one thing if the url is short but that was ridiculous.



i started the first episode but didnt get very far. will revisit at some point i think.

- dave 4-29-2020 8:12 pm [add a comment]

It was there grumpy.
- bill 4-30-2020 7:18 am [add a comment]

I remember all these individuals from the first time around. Good to get more details on the backstory.
- bill 4-30-2020 7:20 am [add a comment]

Link broken?
- steve 4-30-2020 9:51 pm [add a comment]

looks good to me

- Skinny 4-30-2020 11:16 pm [add a comment]

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