we (there was a "we"!) were talking tom hanks movies when we should have been talking peter scolari. rip.


- dave 10-24-2021 12:38 am

He did ok with the Bob Newhart gig. My age.

- bill 10-24-2021 9:41 am [add a comment]

yeah, he was... a fine comedic actor. i just like the bosom buddies photo. in another life he could be martin freeman. *feverishly, ok maybe not so feverishly, googles "martin freeman."

- dave 10-24-2021 9:51 am [add a comment]

I watched BB religiously on rabbit ears. Shortly before moving to nyc from my west Chester county outpost.
- bill 10-24-2021 10:16 am [add a comment]