thumbs up two eps in on yellowjackets from showtime.

watching here. after clicking on ep 1 you have to find a working server by clicking on the ones appearing below the screen.

- dave 1-03-2022 1:05 am

I binged. Lord of the flies with a side of Stranger Things and a flight of Urguayan 571 with a Fortyseven Up! chaser.

- steve 1-03-2022 5:54 am [add a comment]

up! ?

- dave 1-03-2022 9:01 am [add a comment]

  • Following the characters when they were girls and as women. I'm probably pushing it and the exclamation mark shouldn't be there.

    - steve 1-03-2022 10:32 am [add a comment]

    • i got the connection. just hadnt heard of it before. looks like the first iteration seven up! was exclamatory so youre flying free and easy.

      - dave 1-03-2022 10:43 am [add a comment]

      • coincidentally station eleven toggles back and forth in time in a similar manner.

        - dave 1-03-2022 10:49 am [add a comment]

    • I saw up followup. Interesting if you liked up.
      - bill 1-03-2022 12:11 pm [add a comment]

Looks like it's a hit with the people and the critics and is getting a second season but someone seems unhappy.

- steve 1-03-2022 10:33 pm [add a comment]

just finished the first 8. there are a couple more left to air so i guess there wont be much in the way of resolution as that clip makes clear. i assume you are suggesting juliet had some issues.

- dave 1-03-2022 11:19 pm [add a comment]

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