slow burn (apple tv)

tokyo vice (hbo max)

- dave 4-09-2022 10:06 am

this was actually called slow horses. decent mi-5 thriller with a good bit of comedy thrown in. worth it just for the gary oldman performance. 

just a reminder to someone that tokyo vice is helmed by michael mann of heat fame. good not great. havent finished it yet. 

finally dug in to severance which had a lot of buzz late in the season. also great cast with adam scott, john turturro, patricia arquette and christopher walken in a sci-fi tinged black comedy mystery box thriller. not sure if thats accurate but works on the page.

what else is queued up? russian doll season 2, some david simon returns to baltimore corruption miniseries, we own this city aaaaannnd... searching, andrew garfield in under the banner of heaven.

- dave 4-29-2022 3:09 pm [add a comment]

Iíve been watching Lilyhammer. They are finally getting around to some Sopraos references. Paully Walnuts just made a cameo.
- bill 4-30-2022 1:08 pm [add a comment]

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