im two episodes in.

i find that assessment a little harsh and honestly not a very good reading of the documentary thus far. im sure there is a deeper history that is glossed over to some extent but it is not extolling the virtues of our involvement. nearly everyone interviewed or profiled maintains that whatever our "noble intentions" there was very real sense of the unwinnable nature of the endeavor. that may be 20-20 hindsight for many.

still, its a popular history for a mass audience. its sure not to satisfy many. what annoyed me most was the non-linear aspect. they kept flashing forward to later in the war so they could profile gi's and tug on the heartstrings to draw in american viewers who no doubt would be bored by the back history of the french imperial era.

- dave 9-21-2017 12:49 am

this from the nation just stumbled into my podcast queue. short interview w/todd gitlin about the documentary pretty much echoing my sentiments. fast forward to minute 27. 


- dave 9-21-2017 1:47 am [ comments]

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