If you're experimenting with iTunes rendezvous sharing you probably want to grab this http://www.etek.chalmers.se/~lernvall/itdlgui2.tgz.

[update: just to be clear, since at least one person was confused, I didn't write this program. And I have no idea who did. Just passing along something I found useful.]
- jim 5-07-2003 5:01 pm

You rock, Jim! I've been playing around with capturing the audio stream from playlists for the past two days. This is so much simpler.
- Chris 5-07-2003 7:47 pm

Is it allowing you to fully browse the remote library? I'm only seeing one screen of listings, with no apparent way to scroll (or even make the screen bigger.) Search works though, but browsing would be a lot better. Seems like that must be a bug, rather than impossible to do. Or else I'm just being stupid. (It does get the number of songs correct, so it must be seeing it all.)

Here's more technical details if you're interested.
- jim 5-07-2003 7:57 pm

It's working just fine for me. My only complaint is that you cannot batch download files.
- Chris 5-07-2003 8:59 pm

Also: iLeech and (web based) iSuck.

Is this going to ruin it for Apple? I've been holding off on another post about this whole issue until I get a sense of what is happening. But this may take a while.

On the one hand, I'm sure the RIAA and the big 5 are not going to like this sort of thing. But on the other hand, if the store is profitable for them, they might not care. And I think the profit is probably more important.
- jim 5-16-2003 1:15 am

i dont trust nick for some reason.
- bill 3-17-2007 11:05 pm