I am continuing to (hopefully) improve the image upload support on [post] pages. Please leave me comments if you are finding any bugs. I'm particularly interested if anyone is using Internet Explorer.

Note that once you upload an image and insert it into the posting box you can double click the image and get a pop up (which I need to simplify and make look nicer) where you can change a bunch of the image attributes (notably the image size.) In FireFox you can click the image once and you should get image resize handles you can click and drag to resize the image.

- jim 3-04-2013 5:15 pm

Not working well yet on the iPhone (I mean the entire [post] interface, not just the image part.) The screen is just too small, and selecting text in order to apply the controls (bold, link, etc...) is too difficult. I might just turn it off for small screen and serve the old standard html textarea box. Sort of a shame though.
- jim 3-04-2013 7:24 pm

The new textarea editor and image uploader combo is now turned on for all [edit] textareas as well as [post].

The way this has to work makes the resulting HTML slightly different than before. Notably, each post has <p> </p> tags enclosing it. This will make your pages lay out slightly differently. Maybe not a big deal, but if it bothers you at all we can fix through adding a CSS rule to your page to take away the vertical margin on the enclosing p tags. Please let me know if you are bugged by any differences here and I'll fix them.

- jim 3-04-2013 8:12 pm

See this thread for a note on image resize quality loss. Better to post follow ups here though.
- jim 3-04-2013 8:35 pm

Images in the editor should now always show up as smaller than the editor window. This won't change how they actually show up when posted, but makes it easier to post and edit when you have an image that is larger than your editor window (which might be quite small on a small screen or if your browser window is set very narrowly.)
- jim 3-05-2013 3:30 pm

Thanks - just uploaded a pic and posted to tommoody/general. Everything was smooth, looks good.
- tom moody 3-13-2013 5:09 pm

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