Almost six moths later, and I'm getting ready to launch the next version of Geneva. Some big gaps have been filled in under the hood, and almost all of the front end has been rewritten. The front end interface (how you interact with it in your web browser) was obviously in need of vast changes after the overwhelming response to the initial release of "huh?" Things should be much more clear this time around. Still won't be perfectly slick, but once again, the best way to learn what is needed is to have people try to use it. Should at least get beyond "huh?" this time.

And while I'm keeping the name Geneva internally, and I may still refer to the underlying technology (what might be called the engine) that way, the website is now going to be I'm still not totally happy with this name, but I think it's the best yet. It's fairly short. I like the .io top level domain (a lot of tech companies are using it because of the obviously geeky I/O - input/output - connotation.) Flatrock is the name of our road in the country, and even without knowing that sounds geography (or geologically) based. 'Rock' has a solid connotation, while hopefully being hitched to 'Flat' allows it to escape the lame obviousness of "RockSolidServers!" or something like that. It's a solid foundation on which to build a website. A clean slate. A flat rock. 

Or so I'm telling myself.

- jim 10-30-2013 4:56 pm

Totally ridiculous. Almost as short a run as zumult. Anyway, is out and is in.
- jim 11-04-2013 7:47 pm

i liked it.
- linda 11-04-2013 8:07 pm

Well I still own it. So maybe in 45 minutes I'll decide to switch back.
- jim 11-04-2013 8:08 pm

Curious if anyone else has an opinion between the two.
- jim 11-05-2013 12:27 am

toss up
- Skinny 11-05-2013 5:23 am

I think I prefer flatrock. I see Geneva and think of the font.
- steve 11-06-2013 3:52 am

i tried to comment on your geneva blog, but i don't think it worked. since we have a snow day today i thought i'd play around with setting up a site for our community. it's sunlight.geneva... i'm signed in as admin, but am not able to double click on anything.
- linda 2-07-2014 4:48 pm

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