It takes a while to get used to a new place. Some places leave you alone (New Orleans) and some places don't (everywhere else).

Last night's overhead canvas at dusk was a black and blue Pollack with a slice of moon.

I'm not sure what to focus on.

Ima go through the motions though (motion one--get out of bed), see what happens.
- jimlouis 9-29-2003 4:07 pm

like when I first arrived in New Mexico after driving cross country and leaving everything and everyone I knew and cramming 1 % of everything I ever owned into an 87' Plymouth Colt which heroically made it the 1,900 miles and then quietly died. Having left everything and everybody behind I was understandably a bit scared. When I got to the border of New Mexico something miraculous happened. The clouds where arched like a portal..Maybe I was having a flashback...but it really happened. It was like a religious experience. I felt at home ...but I was so lonely. I used to listen to Greg Brown songs at night and cry myself to sleep.Beautiful songs about lost love, regret and gut wrenching desires. .. such a sexy sad warm voice. A place kind of takes and shapes you in ways you don't know till you leave...LIke invisible arroyos the stark vast calm beauty of the NM place rubbed away alot of my unnecessary rough edged anxieties. It filled me with a little more grace. I'm sure that the Blue Ridged mountains must be working on you too. I think boredom is some kind of a prerequisite for making something beautiful...Loved that Pollack and slice of moon image. Hope yer well Cara
- cara (guest) 9-29-2003 4:55 pm [add a comment]

Yes, good image (I've seen Virginia skies like that). But it's Pollock, unless you mean Kenneth Pollack, failed prognosticator of WMDs in Iraq.
- tom moody 9-29-2003 5:27 pm [add a comment]

Construction noise next door is waking me up early.
- tom moody 9-29-2003 5:33 pm [add a comment]

What's the point of having an artist/art critic friend iffin he won't correct your spelling?

But look, here's what I really came to say. I'm upstairs cussing some workers, who aren't here, they're doing really fine work when they are here, conscientious to a point, and all that, and I told them I would detail the clean up for them, but they couldn't have asked for a sheet of plastic to cover C's bed? A lot of dust, really a lot of dust, which will wash away fine, it can't be that. Oh, it's the bank. I go to the local bank to do a change of address for this local account which includes my name, and the names of the owners, and they already know who I am, what I want, and just sign here please, we'll fill out the rest. That could be a nice thing I guess, but it's way too familiar for me just now. I guess this would go under the heading, regarding a previous post, why you can't swim naked around here. I don't know what I'm bitchin' about, it's too cold to swim anyway
- jimlouis 9-29-2003 6:35 pm [1 comment]

ok, getting a pool heater is a priority. just get one of those things that keep water troughs (sp? tm) from freezing over. probably that chimney liner guy can get you one. btw, same moon and sky in pipersville last night, wtf.
- bill 9-29-2003 7:07 pm [2 comments]

Not exactly unreachable but I don't know what the # is here at the big house, I'll call and maybe your phone will get it. I don't know what the deal with my home phone is but I might call Sprint tomorrow.
- jimlouis 9-30-2003 12:49 am [add a comment]

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