Quality Lost
Some of the posts I haven't been making have been letters to the alzheimer flavored curvature of my mother's spine and the other posts have been deposited into the bottomless wastebasket of my intentional disregard for achievement.

I can't go to Kansas for my nephew's wedding happening only a few months before his National Guard commitment sends him for the second time to the land of pissed off, shell-shocked Muslims. Last time was Iraq for a year. This time Afghanistan. Used to be, back in the days of the draft, the National Guard was where you went to escape the draft and crazy military deployments, but not anymore.

I told my brother I can't make it but what did he know about family gatherings in Dallas, back at the old homestead? He said no definite plans were being worked out but that it seemed like there would be a gathering sometime, especially since it was being observed by another Dallas area brother that our mother's "quality was diminishing."

I can't get a handle on that so I'm going to call my mother now and ask her what the hell is diminishing. Perhaps I will be able to hear quality lost.

My brother also said we were waiting for a critical mass. I'm going to have to study up on that, too. There is too much I'm not getting.
- jimlouis 7-24-2005 6:02 pm

Are you in much contact with your nephew? If so, pass along wishes for his safety.
- mark 7-24-2005 10:13 pm [1 comment]

But I've been to Bencrest just the once. And that was 25 years ago. Oh, perhaps you meant Jim.
- mark 7-25-2005 7:53 am [add a comment]

(I don't want to hear your excuses) Yeh, Craig meant me, but why don't you take care of that for me. Provide beau coup BlueBell ice cream and all will be good. (You know how it is Craig, its all about the scheduling of six kids in five different cities, my strength I suppose is being the one who just comes when everyone else figures out their schedules)

I did call my mom after posting and she sounded pretty damn spunky to me. And she knows who I am, so, as for the ebb and flow of quality I guess its pretty much the same for all of us, good days and bad.

My nephew, I think, is young enough to appreciate the military deployments as adventure
- jimlouis 7-25-2005 5:03 pm [add a comment]

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