Things went a little better today. I did not have to break into the house again and I did not go to jail. Am not sure I am getting enough done but am getting a fair bit done. I guess it's a shame I never really get to live in this house after I fix it up but in truth cannot claim a dearth of very fine places to stay. Back to NY soon. And a little bit of Virginia probably after that. Went over to Dumaine today to discuss with M how best to divide up the North Carolina property. I had wished she could buy me out but it turns out to be more feasible for me to do the buying. Hope I am not biting off more than I can chew. But we were very cordial with each other for which I am grateful because I was making myself sick worrying about a contentious drawn out affair. She saw me out to the porch and while out there somebody called out my name. M said oh there your boys. Looking three houses down I could make out Lance and I waved. Who else is down there I asked. That heavy one is Shelton she said and I said no way. Yeah, don't he look like forty year old man, and I had to agree. The other one is Glynn she said. Oh a hell of a conundrum because as much as I wanted to see them I did not want to see them on this block. It, and they, are just way too hot. But where else? Are we going to meet up on the Westbank for an all you can eat buffet? M said I could take an imaginary call and rush off but in the end I manned up and reversed the car down the block. I did not however exit the vehicle. I shook all their hands and told them they looked good, which they did. The extra weight looks right on Shelton, makes his face look kinder. Lance and Shelton said they would come over to Rocheblave and do some work for me, no, they did not care if it was washing windows. I may not though be holding out much hope for that. I would like to take them to the all you can eat buffet and if the gods smile I will. When I got home I could not figure out where that classical music was coming from. It was my phone ringtone for unidentified caller. I bought a used smartphone on EBay. It is so much smarter than me I'm always feeling one step behind it. It was M calling to tell me my timing was just right. She said as soon as I pulled away three cop cars rolled up and all three boys were in handcuffs. I got to see them though and I feel good about that. Am going to try and avoid feeling bad about all the obvious stuff.
- jimlouis 9-08-2010 12:33 am

From Times Picayune 12/17/2010 In a novel approach to prosecuting New Orleans drug dealers, city law enforcement leaders Friday announced a racketeering indictment against 11 members of a street gang known as the "6th Ward D-Block," which police said operated out of the 2600 block of Dumaine Street... .."The statute gives us an opportunity to let the jury know just how bad drug dealing is in the city of New Orleans by bringing in some of the crimes associated with narcotics activity, like the shootings and robberies," he said. Ten of the 11 indicted were in custody Friday, held on bonds of $250,000 for each defendant. The alleged gang members are LANCE PRICE, 25; SHELTON JACKSON, 26; MARQUIN LEWIS, 21, Blake Ricks, 21; Nathaniel Brown, 19; Toran Duhon, 20;DARNELL ELLIS, 20; Jamal Howard, 26; Terrell Muse, 17; Cecil Martin, 19; and GLYNN MCCORMICK, 24.
- jimlouis 12-19-2010 10:39 pm [ comments]

- linda 12-22-2010 2:47 pm [ comments]

so sad.
- steve 12-23-2010 2:59 am [ comments]

And This
- jimlouis 1-01-2011 8:28 pm [ comments]

thats rough.
- bill 1-01-2011 10:29 pm [ comments]

Is that the Lewis girl you wrote about?
- adman 1-02-2011 2:28 pm [ comments]

The girls in the picture with arm tattoos are who I wrote about as KK (McCormick, sister of Glynn, and Eric "Stank" McCormick--deceased by murder on Dumaine) Girl on the right went familiarly by name BeBe and that is name I used when mentioning her in writing. BeBe is Marquin's sister and also Poochie's. Poochie died during one of his stints out of jail, crashing his motorcycle on Orleans Blvd, conceivably an act of suicide. KK tried college after highschool but had some problems fitting in I think. BeBe has always kept herself employed and would often engage M for help when writing up a new resume, when perhaps attempting a job a little above her experience level (applying once for bank teller job). The Lewis I believe you are talking about is Erica (BeBe was her older cousin), who since leaving the street ten or more years ago into the care of an aunt, has kept a very low profile regarding all things Dumaine. I have not seen Erica since she was 8 or 9. If she was ever passing by Dumaine for a visit it would be mostly under the care of BeBe. I suppose Erica must be 19 or 20 by now. I have a picture of 6 or 7 year old Erica on my desk with birthday money pinned to her chest. A ten year old Glynn McCormick can be seen goofing in the background.
- jimlouis 1-02-2011 3:36 pm [ comments]

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