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archive of posts for the year 2007


November18th42870Chicken grid GIFs
42869Bunny grid GIFs
42868horse palace GIF
October25th42651Horse Palace 1
10th42526Iron maiden Dance
5th42479Traffic x 3
September26th42406Moss Mosque Moss (installation and source)
42404more The Road West: Western GIFs
42400Bruiser GIFs
42399The Road West: Traffic GIF
42398Seine at Night GIFs
42397big prints from Titles show
42396More of Mom's Pinwheel Crystal GIFs
42395East Berlin Squat GIFs
42394Bastille Day GIFs
42393Paris Air Show GIFs
42392Living Will by Sandra Rechico by Lorna Mills GIF and installation shot
42391Coke in mom's pinwheel crystal GIF
42390Queen Street Night GIF
42389Wild bed GIF
42388Stitches GIF
42387Baloon GIFs
42386Crow in Tree GIF
42385summer water GIFs
42384whale and dog GIF
42383Racehorses GIF
42382Innis falls IF
42381Xmas pinwheel crystal GIF
42380Petting Zoo
42379More Goats GIF
42378Royal Winter Fair Hall of Fame
42377Goats! Goats! They are dirty. Wash your hands.
42376glass car GIF
42375Focal installation and extracted GIF
42374English print installation
42373Bletchingly, Infomint, Lucky Hubble installation shot
42372Jeunesse Yukon installation shot
42371Willing Maid, Spoken Fur installation shots
42370Rox of Pay, Agnes Digital, Greeter installation shots
42369Abou Ben Adhem crawl
42368Greeter crawl
42367Jeunesse Yukon crawl
42366Willing Maid crawl
42365Rox of Pay crawl
42364Spoken fur crawl
42363All Knight Long crawl
42362gnes Diita crawl
42361Bletchingly crawl
42359Red Cross GIF
42356Tiger Video/Cow Video
42354screen shot from L.M. vs. Rocco
42353Space-Time-Colour (golphers)
42352Space-Time-Colour (curlers)
42351Space-Time-Colour (TV dissolve)
42350Space-Time-Colour (swimmers)
42349Space-Time-Colour (races & golphers)