:::ZIP THE BRIGHT::: with Nicolas Sassoon, Sara Ludy, Lorna Mills and Rick Silva at Trinity Square Video, Toronto.

Sara Ludy Avenue A 2011 and Building 2012



(from left) Nicolas Sassoon: Homeland Studies 2012 top, center, bottom, No Return 2011







Sara Ludy - East Ridge 1 and 2





Rick Silva - En plein air: Poudre Canyon, near Fort Collins, Colorado. 4 pm. 72° f, Spencer Butte, Eugene, Oregon. 2 pm. 48° f and
Mount Fernie Provincial Park, Fernie BC. 7 pm. 78° f




Lorna Mills - SCRAP: Percale 2, Rick Silva - Side Cut Park, Maumee, Ohio. 2 pm. 42° f.

Lorna Mills - SCRAP: Percale 1



- L.M. 6-28-2013 11:48 pm

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