Off season entertainments for LP


capsize 2



- sally mckay 10-28-2011 5:12 pm

Wow, the Oracle does a 360 - underwater! The first in catamaran history! And all in the practice run. I hope they won the race.
- lp (guest) 10-28-2011 5:46 pm

my goodness it does look like that! I actually really like the way they end up, with all the little people clinging to the ropes. I hope the water isn't too cold. (That really is some lovely footage - water is such a great colour!)


- sally mckay 10-29-2011 5:05 am

that's a fast capsize. guess that's the way it goes. yer happy till yer sail gets you down boop boop. er glub glub.
- rd and b (guest) 10-31-2011 4:03 am

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