Gif constructed from the paintings in Monica Tap's Six Ways from Sunday (made with the artist's permission). Each painting is 60 x 100 inches.

My review of Six Ways from Sunday is now on Art Fag City.
tap gif

- sally mckay 5-31-2012 4:55 pm

Great Gif! I think I can see figures running through the woods!
I really like Monica's work too.
- LP (guest) 6-02-2012 7:16 pm

Thanks LP. I'm writing about this show right now there should be something posted online soon. I'll add a note here when it's available.
- sally mckay 6-02-2012 7:50 pm

Fantastic GIF Sally! Really captures the playful, optical pleasure of Monica's work. Looking forward to reading your piece about her show!
- E Torrell (guest) 6-07-2012 7:26 pm

OMG that's lovely!
- L.M. 6-13-2012 9:48 pm

Amazing. The compressed digital source of the image, the gif, and the painting in-between makes for one sexy menage a trois.
- oelk (guest) 6-14-2012 3:26 am

This has radically reshaped my thinking re., the potential of GIFs.

- Greg Davies (guest) 11-27-2014 4:29 pm

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