owl print 1

Woodcut from The Chemical Heritage Foundation.
- VB 2-19-2012 9:57 pm

With torches, light and glasses
Because everyone according to fine will
bunch angflich in the chymia
Dafz him the hertz in the love pucht!
- sally mckay 2-19-2012 11:10 pm

owl with flares, candles and sunglasses
- clancy (guest) 2-29-2012 9:14 pm

thank you, clancy.
- sally mckay 3-01-2012 12:34 am

What do torches, light and glasses help
Because everyone by his own free will searches fearfully in the Chymia until his heart throbs in his body
He searches here and there and everywhere but finds nothing
And if he put on all the glasses in the world, because he only does it by his own free will, he still won't find the truth, and hence won't be happy.
Try it, and read this with common sense, and don't try to reach blindly for the wall.
Use torches, light and glasses wisely and god will fulfill your wish.

LP. Alternate last line:
Use flares, candles and sunglasses wisely and dogs will fulfill your wish.

- Mel, via LP (guest) 4-01-2012 3:22 pm

Mel & LP, you rock.
- sally mckay 4-02-2012 3:29 pm

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