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Flickr set: Owls with Stupid Expressions on their Faces, with captions.

(via LM)/(via MR)
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raptors one

SongCard: Raptors One - Owls
Available from THE COMPLEAT NATURALIST Natural History Store.
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curious owl gif

Curious Owl is curious.
reddit comments.
YouTube original.
(via SM)
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Citizen Science Quarterly
Via Boing Boing
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Cat and Owl playing.
Via Metafilter
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beer owlhitachino
Hitachino Nest Beer.

"Following the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the brewery has made the decision to repurpose itself to distill and bottle water for the population surrounding the brewery ... If you see these beers at UG or at any other store, please consider buying them. Not only will you be pleasantly surprised by the beer itself, but you’ll be helping to support a family that is doing so much in their country’s time of need. " (quote from Urban Grape).
The Star)
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Okami and Japanese Mythology. From Outsider Japan.
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etsy owl

Hipster Animals.
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"Cherry Tree and Owl under the Moon" by Shoson Ohara.
Via F&R Fine Arts.
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Schmincke, finest artists' colours.
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