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Orange Owl Dog Fears The Worst. Rightly So.
Sad Etsy Dogs
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Rotate Your Owl from Weebl's Stuff.
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owl mosaic
Owl Mosaic: "All the tesserae have been cut from various tiles, broken dishes, bowls and vases..."
From Mister Anchovy's 27th Street.
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owling meme

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woodblock owl

Woodblock prints of men posing as birds (1809) (via RC).
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kwag 1
kwag 2

North American Owl Collection, mixed-media sculpture
Gr 3. students from John Sweeney Catholic Elementary,
Exhibited in Expressions 36: Release your Imagination
Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery.
(via CM)(Photos by SM).
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Flickr set: Owls with Stupid Expressions on their Faces, with captions.

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raptors one

SongCard: Raptors One - Owls
Available from THE COMPLEAT NATURALIST Natural History Store.
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curious owl gif

Curious Owl is curious.
reddit comments.
YouTube original.
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Citizen Science Quarterly
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Cat and Owl playing.
Via Metafilter
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