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archive of posts for the year 2004


December31st30486science and the christmas sunami
30484clay house
30471relief housing
30th30465modern bird houses
30458jobim casa
29th30447freedom tower endangers birds
3044691.1 top 10 2004
30445sound exchange
28th30437rip s sontag
30436air link
30429bisazza tile
30426holllywood fla trailer park
20th30354a-matter ends
30350hippie photos
18th30322tony coulter
17th30308chirping pyramids mystery
30307bethlehem revitilization
30305sold american
30304rip agnes martin
16th30299Refrigerator Heaven
30294hadids ordrupgaard tops out
30292wtc battle of inches
30289big waves in the news
15th30286the metalith the movie
30284bloombergs nyc development stratagies
3028325 year building projection
30273arson charges for 111 1st st employees
14th30262rietveld crate furniture
12th30245tamma j in bkln
11th30238mr pettibone
30233opening riffs
30216oskar leo kaufmann prefab project
30215humpback whale song / loopers
30214humpback whale
30212nyc landmarks preservation
30206teige the minimum dwelling
30192love that bob
7th30170silverstiens double dip
6th30163cardboard house
30157warhol interviews
4th30135casa schwarz
30128untitled (motorcycle pictures) 2004
30116LA midcentury auctions
30115(like) a rolling stone
2nd30107paris photo show
30106moma wall uninterupted
30102el cabrillo hollywood
30092dig cam history
30085velvet acetate
30082art market
November30th30069sotsass, mau
30068save 2 cc
30064alex lambrts top 10
30063via brian
30058legendary surfers
30042dewey webber
27th30032rat rod
30030found magazine
25th30013radiator shame
23rd29994moma brand
22nd29987trailer reader
21st29980hot l alaia
29979appalachian walkman
20th29964jersey city
19th29944sleeping man
18th29939fools rush in....
29907iraque war torn home make-over
29905moma ouroussoff
29904moma new building
29903container resource
29902architects news apaper NY article
29899cool cole nellie lutcher
14th29893zora neal hurston
13th29882boards of canada
29876concrete comedy
11th29848no tenants for #7 wtc
29847more cowbell
29838naked airport
29837yalie suing childs for copyright violation
29836rothko no. 6 (Yellow, White, Blue over Yellow on Gray)
29834modern art at auction
10th29826starck raving
29825catalano pavilion NC
29824design by committee
29823rural studio at crossroads
29822Private Sector, Public Good: The Necessity of Economic Sustainability in Architectural Activism
29820i love you
29819apartmernt ratings
29814texas arrow heads
29812quincy jones bill cosby new mixes vol.1
29811piano whitney expansion
9th29808jc apt for rent
8th29795goldberger on the new moma building
29793dr leslie and the composing room
29784trailer torrent
29780buying modern in so ca
6th29772steve parrino
29771lorna simpson corridor
29768bonus shots from mars
29766tree pit guards
5th29757golden rain tree
29756wfmu record fair
29755conservation resources
29754barking moonbat
4th29741on derridas eulogies
29740camp weedpatch
29739nyt election map
29732dark hallway
2nd29717the metro pictures scene
29716hollis frampton
29715pier luigi nervi 1963 GWB bus station
29714rip ezra stolller
29698light impressions
1st29697salt flats
29690Our homes are becoming as obese as our bodies
29688thacher house mornogo valley
29687sest side stadioum
October31st29678the end of 1960's architecture
29677tompkins square park
30th29671extreme beer
29th29657miami modern
28th29649defining hip
27th29645The SÉance In Experimental Writing
26th29637beta blockers
25th29623greg shaw bomp
29622auctioneer recordings
29615mau massive change
29614best worst sleep cities
29613solar shingles
29612moma new building
29611ashlee snl wmv
24th29602royal q series, re4a, rocio romero
29600ny market
29593trailer dog
23rd29592Why Gehry and Snohetta Landed WTC ProjectsLanded WTC Projects
22nd29575paul virilio: the politics of real time - david cook
29570blob sofa
29564bill schwarz my first 1,000 wrenches
21st29557Walker Evans the beauties of the common tool
29552frank stella space junk series
29551c theory
29549front by r jones for id
29548kraus campo
29547future homes show
29545i pod doc
29537harry smith anthology of folk music
29535Walker Evans
20th29523WTC report
29520missouri trailer sign
29519airstream forums
19th29517ghost town
29512jandek sorrry no hotlinks
29511architectural photography
29510global warming hot points
18th29506tanks and trailer
29505futuro tomorrows house frrom yesterday
29502LA Arch
29500automated buiders conssortium
14th29465schwarz family reunion
29463kahn hand built house champion
29459emerican gothic redux
29458nomadic museum
29457nowottney report
29456smile wolk
29453the yiddish book center
29452creative commons
13th29450what is hip
29448woman with trailer
29445FLW Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium
29444Madison FLW home
29443FLW Larkin demolished
29440gehry LMDC
12th29433hal foster image building
29432warped space
29430world police
29429toh carlisle
29427lowes jersey city
29425ericofon telephones
29422bob dylan chronicles vol. 1
29420huntin' dogs
11th29417prince / warhol & himself
29416paul rudolph and the sarasota school modernists
10th29404i go to rio
8th29389mvdr allover the serpentine gallery
29385open house ny
29378archinect news feed
29376reusing big boxes
29373hdm criticality and its disconnects
29372HDM fall 2004, winter 2005
7th29370oppenheim device to root out evil
29367moma design col
29365iraqi prison photographs from abu ghraib
29363FLW @ skyscraper museum
29361james brown sould on top
29360terminal five show
6th29348alvaro siza
5th29338RL vintage airstream
29328mcdonalds M
3rd29316viva variety reno 911
29312ezra stoller architectural photography
29311ant farm icap
29309moma canon
29302tarler photo
2nd29294benthem house
1st29293free radio santa cruz
29292saarinen twa terminal
29289fab pre fab news letter no. 8
29288the albereses
September30th29281german pavillion venice biennale 2004
29279hurrican proof windows
29278teardrop park
29th29275french decorator castaing
29274emory poetry library
28th29263orlowski record companies putting online stores OOB
29262why protests dont work anymore
29260the fugs
29257carving a garden into the woods
29256libeskind memoire index (humor)
29253dream machine
27th29243lopate libeskind arad and calatrave
29234marquette kansas homestead
26th29233minor white
29231massive change
29228at the tone, phone ladys voice, number stations
29226housing crisis / container homes
29225futuro flying saucer house
29224chuckhouses energystx
29223ebayshipping container manuel dealer
29222shipping container housing site
29213ipod lounge
29207fewer clunker cars
24th29205curb your interview
29203florida dome home defies hurrricane
29194negative land intellectual property
23rd29188che motorcycle diaries
22nd29179on demand
29174pierre restani
29172shipping pallette shelter I-beam design
29171rip russ meyer
29164cobra head
21st29157grey water
20th29156joseph duveen art dealer
29152elsie de wolfe inventor if I.D.
29150gropious frank house pitsburg
29148martha stuart living painted black
19th29142new flw house
29134apartment therapy
17th29128hermit crab housing shortage
29127american photographs
29124keno on chairs
29123johnny ramone rip spazz show
29118holy ghost ayler
16th29117the work dogs
29114room box
29113tall buildings
29110bad herbert
29107ten things your architect wont tell you
29105skinny house
15th29099haunted hillbilly
14th29089goldberger on the sagaponic project
29086gehry architects news paper
29084venice pods and monsters
13th29083shelter institute
10th29062alone in the wilderness
8th29046lady bottle barrel
7th29038rebuilding knockdown wrights
6th29031hospital curtain track
29023nyc sky line
5th29012w&b tv
4th29006hidden looney tunes gag
29004led baloon light
28994marxeats gif
3rd28986on the warhol foundation
28980UP FROM ZERO: Politics, Architecture and the Rebuilding of New York
2nd28966la times
28964wright japanese prints
28963big tents log cabins
1st28950pipe house VB
August31st28942corbusier stool
28941peace sign
28940prouve le pavillon 6x6
30th28927london x grade buildings
28925banana powererd
28916from away
28th28896the plaza
28887howard meyer dallas modernist
28884principles of enclosure
26th288672 columbus circle
28860vermont cabin
28852architonic design museum
28851greenspan housing-bubble
25th28844tout puissant konono no.1
28838nelson daybed
28837sexdoll rarfting
28836washing machines
28822the lion sleeps not
24th28817sears house preservation
28807alies ist architektur
28803haus resor
23rd28800mies in brno
22nd28778out bid
28777transportable environments
20th28770eduardo catalano
28769marcel sedletzky
28745mosquito net room popup bugnet safe room
28744bellini chair
18th28741MKO rude game
17th28729orbit sofa via totem
16th28711breuer wolfson trailer house
28709a constructive madness
15th28693hygiene pods
28692jones partners
13th28667wm stout archicectural book seller
12th28658little steven garage essay
11th28645siva vaidhyanathan the anarchist in the library
28644clifford ros's r1
28641waiting for the end of the world
28640move house
28639tumbleweed tiny house company
10th28627fat freddy says :
28626translucent concrete
28621dogpoint cabin
8th28606brian turner overdrive
4th28549rat rod
3rd28544cameron sinclair the bob geldof of architecture
28534growing up gotti
28530morgenbesser anecdotes
2nd28521architecture's journal
1st28514the history and development of yiddish / the schlemiel as metaphor
28512unbuilt nyc
July30th28478feh or meh
28476the hitmaker
29th28474cork boat
28472trash can central
28th28459metronap pod
27th28453naming names
28452goldberger on jersey city
25th28439w v moonshine still
28436untitled photo
24th28432cabinet magazine
28431playing the market
28430cheatin song
23rd28424sky scraper museum
19th28370the populist movemeent
28368goth monument font
28367fixer-upper rental units
17th28356edward lear
28355charting real estates biggest winners
28354NY state pavilion 1964-65 world's fair
16th28344fixer upper appliances
28343tall buildings muschamp
28342dont start me talkin' nydolls
15th28333buildings of disaster
28329PLANETIZENthe planning & development network
28318silverman vs libeskind
13th28307ned sublette cuba music
28306hoboken 9/11 memorial
28294the fugs
28293jb discography
28290big tray
12th28278tony smith
11th28268nyt op ed on functionalism
9th28249underground container
28245moris lapidus
28235adam purple
28234adam kalkin
7th28229aia e occulus
28228abc no rio sustainable
28226pringles trivial persuit
6th28217coke 2
5th28211wtc and the money
4th28202Interview with Bruno Latour: Decoding the Collective Experiment
28199kaliber 10000
28198ean Prouvé designed the Maison Tropicale
3rd28189thin ice
28188bush goya serra
28184lost disney rides
2nd28180round house
28177arch news now
28176jersey city empty sky
1st28162lance loud
28161squeezing money from the HUD budget
28159desert modernism
28158memorial bend houston
28157popcorn ceiling discussion group
28156building character
28151the recent past preservation network
28149atomic ranch
29th28130west way
28128jane jacobs
28127houston 2025
28126bkln green reno
28119e7th st roof garden
28118ice station floating off
28th28100albert frey
28097stream psyche
27th28091florida modern
28090downtown manhattan history
26th28078last man in one of the last bowrey flophouses
25th28060mousetrap car
24th28058jack goldstein audio
28047wrights of rush creek
28046bouroullec microarchetecture
23rd28038the gordon house flw
28035hypno style
22nd28030container overview
28024mars house
21st28006emma buck
20th28002danny boy on the margin
28000modernist townhouse reno
27999les reno
27998chock full o nuts
19th27991the rent
27988if walls could talk....
27987utopia - engles the housing question
18th27984reclaimed epithets
27978Propaganda, the Sly Art That Makes Opposites Look Alike
27977the literature and culture of the american 50's
27976death at P Johnson's ft worth water garden
27955victorian paint scheme links
16th27952corbusier the crow
27949Heavy metal parking lot
14th27917reno 911
13th27916murcutt tractor shed
10th27885out - rainbow pride
8th27857form following function
27855229 best country songs
27854keck and keck
27853snowflake motel jetset modern
27850sopranos philosophy
27846web images
27845upsidedown house japan
27841the furniture guys
27839realestate blogs
7th27838el teddy
27835design boom
27832bruce goff barringer house
27825david and lisa
5th27815de menil house houston
27814gray or grey
4th27806nick drake made to love magic
27799third of june
3rd27794pottery barn
27767gary indiana paranoid nation
May31st27739thelonious moog
29th27709iraque scrap scene
27th27686negative land intellectual property issuesnegative land intellectual property issuesnegativeland
26th27664quanset hut
27656rural studio
27652greif tear jc
27646trailer park boys
27643TOH JTS
25th27641sontag notes on camp
2763811 most endangered historic places 2004
27599paris cdg airport collapse
22nd27575monster house
27573concert halls
21st27547glidehouse via livemodern
20th27533wallace neff shell house
27526soprano clue
19th27518mit building 20
27511mclean vs breckman
27507shoes hanging from powerlines
27506bottle tree
27505sage smudge stick
27504nevada shoe tree
17th27496icon page
27495wtc 7 silverstein
27494new nyc building codes
27492koolhaas seattle library
27491drunk guy in bra
16th27472nyt magazine 2004 (landscape) architecture issue
27460trailer photos
15th27450apple design / core77
14th27436the day after tomorrrow
13th27414ghery trophy
12th27397jane jacobs dark age ahead
11th27368model homes from the modernist movement
27366godsell hotseat
27365unbuilt pearman essay
9th273403-m clear duct tape
27338celebrities at their worst
2nd27204kenny g via cheeterslicks
27192ab-prefab time
April28th27100blinky gif
25th27057ramones doc
27052fmu record fair
27050eugene org
27049green projects brown fields green tent
27047design corpse
21st27005femme moderne
26997besmirching the vessle
26974mo koolhaas
19th26960HDM spring/summer '04
26914bauhauses of nj
14th26895la early moderns
13th26872houston mod
26871cracked archtect
26855pierre koenig rip
26848modernist houses endangered
26847large building
8th26808iowa boys
7th26799muji cardboard speakers
6th26779mikes home(made) spaekers
5th26758green hair shirt
26757pearman on archigram
26756wtc junk
4th26755uncle floyd
1st26705factory house
26696last cargo cult / strange attractor
March26th26609the gong show
25th26605retromodern / artimide - aggregato suspension - 15
26604gio ponti
26603doug sahm
26592affordable housing
26589alan lomax collection goes to the library of congress
24th26586zaha hadid works
26584zaha new republic
26576reflecting absence
23rd26552la house shots
21st26523turrell skyspace
26522music masker foundation
20th26514federal row houses
26511fergus henderson outsider artist
18th26483eichler homes california
26476space colonies
17th26470crystal palace
16th26437gary-R50 container & surfshack sketches
14th26407rufus house
13th26403concrete monster
26402tree house
10th26368khoshnevis extruded house
26361dukes of hazzard
9th26351penzeys spices herbs seasonings
8th26333orgin of the mall
26332dumb as a paainter
26330tokyo housing
26325kisho kurokawa
7th26319Monumental/Conceptual Architecture
26316conservation resources international
26313wm morris willow patern
26301marsrovers + outcrop vid
6th2629870's invasion - hollywood diaries
26292architecture w/o architects
5th26261chicken head men - fat possum, townes VZ
4th26241modeling wtc / vitrtual imaging
3rd26220wtc - green ?
26203bent ply
2nd26201russian block house reno
26183martin pawley via audacity
1st26174philadalphia wireman
February29th26156play house
25th26098henry flint
26094a matter archigram
26092a matter case study
26090otis ball super karaoke fun time band
24th26067ariel bender / mott
26064disney hall reflection
23rd26036preservation - age before beauty
26035uno prii
26030clark byers rock city
26029modern music 101
22nd26028brian wilson smile
26021saul steinbergs assistant
21st26017the bottle dump
26016monk straight no chaser
26004mars spherical granuels
26002tom moody on appropriation art
19th25999future house via jetset modern
25997atomic ranch
25996SFGate HomeToday's ChronicleSports EntertainmentNews & Features BusinessOpinionPo
18th25972JG-R on Hubler 30 years ago in AF
25964architecture docs
25962nohuchi bayfront park
25961whole town makeover
14th25916raiders of the lost
25912rip john stephen
25905hermes chaine d'ancre'
13th25890metaphors in harlem
25874rucker co
25872gary wilson
11th25853A Study on the Co-relationship between the Endless Space ofFrederick J. Kiesler and Non-territor
10th25824i dont want to get involved
25794tupperware: the movie
6th25661roky Eickson - dont knock the rok
4th25616save americas clocks
25615yard art / popmatters
25613AD is it art
25602toker falling water rising
25600bang olufsen
25591pet rock
2nd25582christies links from live modern
25577goldberg on wtc
25575after theory
25568trailer photo
25566whats american about american music
1st25554wholly holy
25543sweet marias
30th25539loft cube
25530lost 9/11 art
29th25529dieter rams
25516shoyeido incense
25514four isolation studies by chuck jones
27th25492mars landscape photo
20th25362Christopher Williams,Model: 1964 Renault Dauphine-Four, R-1095 Christopher Williams,Model: 1964 Re
25361victory over the sun and the black quadralateral
25357tschumi and the elgin marbles
25349muschamp chronicles
18th25329milkshake urban dictonary
17th25318black boxes
14th25262proun lissitsky
9th25165goldberg prerservation variation
25164houses and homes
7th25116from box to house
1st24988man box avatar