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archive of posts for the year 2005


December31st34427stern strike fist ad
34425i survived katrina
34424saving uncle toms cabin
30th34413wfmu best of '05
29th34396curbed 2005 awards
34392nicolai ouroussoff
28th34385sol moscot optics
27th34380flexihouse seatle
26th34367gary wilson vid
34365schwainn stingray
34356nottney barely nearly
34352ALH in metropolis
34348progrock timeline
34347visual laser keyboard
34346picture book
34345floating homes
34344car and house photo
24th34336big brother W
34335Beware of the Blog - 1.7 million hits, 1,130 articles, 35 authors
21st34308Will Art Fall With Dallas Bank?
20th34304micro dwellings
34300john zoller fuzzy balls and all
19th34287highline update
34277dumb angel number four
18th34276outdoor steel cabinets
16th34262venturi speaking on mies
34257found footage fest preview
15th34253steve parrino in the 2006 whitney biennial
34250vw bus elegant design
34249cut away
34248new use for used shipping container
14th34240nola gif
34239Start a FREE
34237that brutal joint
34236Controversy Still Clouds Prospects at 9/11 Site
34235dylan on xm
13th34231wtc / no appartments, no fountain in winter
34224goldberger on foster
34223uks ugliest building - its a knockdown
34221plastic / the anycar
12th34216Born to Kvetch: Yiddish Language and Culture in All of Its Moods, Michael Wex
34213brookings katrina report
34211we are about to lose new orleans
34210baton rouge sprawl yall
34206drowned termites and un motivated architects
34205rural studio and fema
34204containers in nola rural studio
34203containers in nola
11th34199Monument to the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of the Korean Worker’s Party
34197Running From the Truth
34196911 public discorse project report
34195leonardo book review
34194the culture of the copy schwartz mit
34193currier and ives new orleans
34192a message from homeless new orleanians
34187art since 1900
10th34178nature mort
34177examples of people using shipping containers as architectural elements
34176Shipping Container Housing Guide
34175shipping container housing
34172she's about a mover - sir doug 5
34163tokyo teleport center
9th34159harvard design maagaazine no. 2 fall 05 winter 06
34158silverstein squeezed over speedup
34157silverstein and the liberty bonds / nydn
34155the stork club live
34153sullivan wright ocean springs houses demolished by katrina
34147edwin with cinderblock
7th34133townes van vandt documentary
34132post-disaster disaster
34131folksongs for the five points
34130the BRP
6th34123world of kane
34118gilmore clarks bronx river parkway
34116alison brooks salt house
34114bringing back the big easy metropolis mag
34112gentrifying disaster
34111new urbanism architects vs architects
34105The Barge Buyers Handboo
34104Dolly Parton Those Were the Days
5th34098nola trashbot
34097yokohama 2005 triennale of contemporary art
4th34090save the lake
34088sketchpad make-over
3rd34074Wearying Wait for Federal Aid in New Orleans
34070ken emerson always magic in the air (brill bldg) on wfmu
34064david bacharach
34062jeff barry and ellie greenwich brill building series
34061leiber and stoller
2nd34060doc pumis brill series
34059barry mann cynthia weil (brill building series
34057save pearlroth house
34056too clever by half
34055where the action is
34053psychotic reaction the count five
34050calatrava books reviewed
1st34047quonset hut
34041photo murals
34040container guy kalkin
November30th34035wwl the big 870
34034CVI painting streatchers
34031urban glass house
34030WD 50
34023endless boogie
34014bottler-cap inn
3401132B for cat 5 levees
34008waveland mississippi
34005dead on internet archiive
34002happy palace
34001iceberg mp3
28th33996"Cities in the Wilderness" bruce babbitt
33993Art historians appointed to help judge Warhol attributions
33992zaha hadid in wolfsburg
26th33977leland marching band white punks on dope
33976tubes lyrics what do you want from life
33975thomas hine populuxe
33974paul sawyers Intermodal Shipping Container Small Steel Buildings
33973(shipping) container bay q and a
33972havana waiting
339718 day mardi gras
25th33964wfmu on ny noise
33961TWOJ Baudrillard
24th339559-11 Probers Leave Questions Behind
33953The Grief Police No one says the 9/11 families aren’t entitled to their pain. But should a small han
33952Sylvère Lotringer After the Avant-garde
33951lori landay semiotics teaching notes
33949baudrillard in the newyorker
33948newyorker letter from lousiana
33942trailer folks
23rd33936im the japanese sandman
33919nola photo link farm
22nd33911wtc in the news
33910yazoo-mississippi delta blues
33909wildwood jn enddangered
33907NO lack of recovery funding
33903renzo piano on paris suburbs
33902nyc gets its architectural act together
33901latest batch of emailed digital photos from jim louis in new orleans
21st33897rip link wray
20th33893auto crash
33888found photographic images seach word : initiationinitiation lot
33887nyc gridlock allert days
33885jean baudrillard
33883terry southern
19th338761st houses ave a 3rd street
18th33870copy cat symposium
33868haulapai grand canyon walk
33867bloomberg silverstein gz rethink
17th33854duchamp noguchi and chess
33853tony smith olsen house
33851Kuramata / coke bottle terrazzo
33850nagin names 17 to bring back new orleans back commission
338482 cc shame cam
33846NO spore count
16th33835kitchen sisters / hidden kitchens - a george forman grill, an extention cord and a power pole
33833Dr. Evil's Lair Evolves (joe colombo)
33832A roundup of green plans and brown bills proposed post-Katrina
33831(NO) Ethnic Cleansing, GOP-Style
33830NO real estate rental market
33829gettysburg cyclorama
33828home taping is killing music
33814secret garden of the high line
15th33812ballad of fat elvis
33805740 Park
33804sony root-kit
33803slate - music, who owns it
33802clinton pataki's '08 presidential bids and burlingame's rightous rage of loss
33801google & copy rights nyt
337982cc ouroussoff
33797nola new urbanism NOTP
33795cargo culture
33794surf movie tonight
12th33773the jazz church at citicorp
11th33770gehry performing arts center freedom center'd
33769bethlehem reused as arts center
33768big d mcms
33767bravia super-ball ad
10th33762sofa thread
33759zaha silver paintings
33758r prince auction results
33757her noise
33753neutra rooofs
33752piano meier married in la
33751planetizen rebuilding NO from the citizens pov
9th337425.8 m flw restoration ohio
8th33735747 house
33732metropolis: Two [NO] local citizens suggest twenty points of entr
33728becha ya i can tell you where you got dem shoes
33727nasty in n ola
33726email from nola
33724NO opening up, slowly...
7th33719brancusi and us customs
33717katrina ev acuees facing eviction
33715flw right hand woman marion mahoney
33714e stewart williams desert modernist
33711structural film
33705basil wolverton
3370343-man squamish
336961st sunday nov 05 jc
33687The Architects Collaborative (TAC)
33683tof goes to visit six moon hill
5th33677Performing Music in the Age of Recording
33676memorial quadrant
33675memorial quardant
33666LMDC meeting unrest
33665jeff jarvis/buzzmachine on the demise of the IFC
33664leica d-lux 2
33663wither performing arts at wtc
33661wtc train station breaks ground
3rd33655he used sarcasm...
336409/11 dust in the wind
2nd33639lincoln park west clean up
33634lmdc getting the boot?
33633poshlost at ground zero
33632ghost busters building cpw
33631schnabel towers
33629jc golden rain trees
1st33620Notes of an emotional carpetbagger: A Northerner goes to New Orleans to re-create himself
33615warhol time capsules
33614proud mary
October31st33609mad housers
33606shigeru ban / pompidou outpost
33605more new orleans photos
33601clint/riv alais set
33591pumpkin house
33590elmhurst's jamaica savings bank
33589Samuel H. Gottscho urban photographer
33585domus 885
33583cool white roofs replace nyc's tarbeachs
33582design boom history of rocking chairs
33581m-ch / fab pre fab new letter 11
33580flw rock house
30th33575google earth / pointingit
33574photos from post katrina NO
29th33568email attachments from NOLA.
28th33563kenny g 2000 dead soldiers
33556galerie artificial
25th33523sam mcdowell and the spanish conspiracy.
33522civil war era house washington va
33521oldest english church in the us at jamestown va
33520christopher wren building at william and mary
33519motel postcards of williamsburg
33518modern annex to the williamsburg hotel in colonial williamsburg va
24th33509rats the size of cats
33505safe at moma nicoli o nyt
19th33480Composers’ Voices from Ives to Ellington
33479beyond the beat generation
33475mc5 concert posters
18th33472rebuilding neworleans NYT
33471rebuilding neworleans and keeping the shotguns and creole cottages- WSJ
33470gone fishin' monticello williamsburg
16th33459more on martha and the bunshaft travertine house demolition
15th33446LS on blogads
14th33445vintage motorcycle jackets
33444Stockhausen light in the uk
33439BG 105
33437the soul artists of zoo york
13th33432terry riley 2 x mp3 albums
33429frech art after america formalisms
33428linen stretching and prep
33427noguchi parks in japan
33425gulf coast
33424paul rudolph tracey towers the bronx
12th33421gener 8 black betty leanon brackets included cloud
33420parcel table
33417slow cruise on the highline
33415lmdc memorial museum public workshop for future program planning
33413afghan war rugs
33412mark rothko - homage to matisse (1953)
33411murray wilson
33403rip rl and wine
33402revamped fmu blog
33401Porch Posts, Balusters, Rails, Etc.
11th33397how the city sank NICOLAI OUROUSSOFF for the nyt
33396nola story from nyt magazine section
10th33386prouve three nomadic structures at moca
9th33378ari kaplan
7th33359A. Kaprow - Rearrangeable Panels 2, 1958/94
33356phil sims
33353Katarzyna Kobro
33351Wladyslaw Strzeminsky unisim in painting
6th33334ten building green sugggestions for no and katrina damaged areas
5th33327radical painting
33324erased bidlo
33323warhol and the monochrome
33322origian word skell
33317open source
33313martha and the bunshaft house
4th333122cc cloepfil
33304no bid katrina reconstruction
33303reopening no by zip code
3330212 questions on NO - the nation
3rd33299Henderson, Assistant Professor of Geography at SFSU
33298katrina disaster releif housing
33297taking of snohetta
33296vegas googie
33295brookings study on reconstructing NO
33292the swimmer
2nd33286bigger crane
33284freedom center showdown
September28th33232la googie coffeeshoppe
27th33230hey joe
26th33214propello fan
33213russel wright spun metal
33211spirit photography
33210rad bikes
33209nakashima at rago auction
33208world monument fund
33206roadside architecture
25th33197replacement singers
33196pimped prius
24th33190keiths skull scarves
33184nellie lutcher - lake charles boogie
33183belott snapshots
23rd33175louisiana maps
33169antique hardware
33168no shotguns
22nd33160freedom center showdown
33159jet blue tv emergency
33155ohio flood lot
33154ohio group
21st33144the national trust on katrina and the gulf damage
20th33136new york night
19th33117zombies sometimes intro takes
18th33106upsidedown japanese house
33100ebay photo river construction
17th33090travel bob
33089hillbilly music source & symbol
16th33081ubu is back
15th33070good bye international
33064zaha ha
14th33061othar turner fife drum mississippi
33057housing m arket in NOLA
3305326,000 homes st bernard parish to be demolished
33051sc african american cemetary developement blocked
13th33046rip bunshaft tavertine house
33042quote unquote
33041nola - eminent domain
33038kusama airmail paintings and warhol
11th33030nicolai ouroussoff on 9/11's deepening gloom
9th33015gordon matta clark white columns
33011little basin morris canal jersey city
8th33008amy wilson abaton garage
330079/11 and inappropriate art
32992maynard g krebs
6th32987creole cottage shotgun
5th32970stream wwoz
3rd32948stream wwl am 870
2nd32934what would a rebuilt new orleans look like?
1st32928underwater in the 9th ward
August30th32915waler anderson
32911the end of irony
29th32909no superdome
28th32900som and idea theft
32899vw camper/tent combos - the breadloaf-era 68-79
27th32894arkansas photo vendor
32893more arkansas photos
32892will bradley orchestra - beat me daddy 8 th the bar
32891the picture taking bench
32890bridge freezes before road
26th32884water fountain
32883(untitled) inside tavern
32882the nomi song
32881the nomi song
25th32876claytoon patterson
23rd32867danto in the nation by the nation
22nd32857river-camp / cracker modern
32856fine artist and copy rights in the news a.n.
20th32844louis prima
32842rip big boy biscuit turner
32839stones boots
18th32830u mean competitor / bt @ fmu
32829buyers guide 70's corvette
14th32811semi-custom seat covers
13th32803lombardi to skolnick
32802google print
32801rat rod pick of the week
32800trailer pics
32799found magazine
11th32789map of jersey city hudson county
32788drwaing center bags it.
10th32782beer tram
32773e d stones goodyear house
9th32769peter i can see your house from here
32767you got goulet?
32766gaylord show 875
8th32765rip ibrahim ferrer
32764the map is not the territory
32760polaroid man
7th32756album covers of andy warhol
6th32747astor place cube expected back soon
32745hood ornament reenactment
5th32740a j webberman / dylanologist / garbologist
32718endangered russian constructivist treasures
32715who threw the hot dog?
4th32708up on ebay
32705fun house
3rd32698theme finder
32697an eye for an ear art & music in the twentieth century harry cooper
1st32687when gospel was gospel marion williams
July30th32684jim lewis the aristocrats
28th32678calatrava wtc rail hub
32677the age of bob
32676futuro house
27th32671more on the worlds tallest
32670turd blossom
32668converse jack purcel
32665higgins red hash
26th32662brit invasion reunion
32659food direct
24th32647porch house
32645chris jordans junk
22nd326347 wtc views and freedom baloon
32633swathmore campus
32632trenton bathhouse
32631on being laurie bortz
21st32626raging slab mp3
32624the edukators
20th32619karen kramer ballad of greenwich village / jolo serpant handlers.
19th32614danny lyon razed
32607saved bridges
18th32605yard lady drinking
32604july 21 1969 images
16th32592andy at dia
13th32567the jupiter hotel portland oregon
32566opening the door on eminent domaine
32565wrights shoddy legacy
32560square dancing at the mall
32556oregon coast cliff couse
32555name that chair
12th32552cycle sluts from hell
32549The Truncated Life of a Modern, Industrialised Chicken
32546emerald tablets
11th32541nowottny sighting / streaming
32539calatrava station in perrill
32536arch cape
32534down town portland orgeon
32533sunset alignment
32532house of kolor paint
9th32525parody john kelly/joni mitchell
32523initiation lot
32522harier portable washers
32521duct tape art
7th32505in support of london
32504your town weird
32501ago mckay
32500moody report
6th32495keep portland weird
32490rat rod pick of the week
32489texas truck and trailers
32488kenny g interview
32487wolk on audio blogging
4th32474blue meanie vs jbl
32473dukes of hazzard theme
3rd32465drawing restraint
32463kevin landers
32461richard prince in the times
1st32452happy b day america crudcrud
June25th32421amy wilson
23rd32391portland trip
32378untitled (california house 32 pics)
20th32376fellows in woods drinking pic
32371restoration of modern classics
32370resto rod
32367barbara kruger bedell cellars wine label
19th32361intitled (trailer lot 80 pcs)
32360zaha again
32359portlland is cleanest city
18th32347totalizing rhetoric
32339hw cantstandya
17th32338untitled clover lick in 9 parts 06/05
16th32319badrillard warhol ref
32316hal foster on the first pop age
32308Getting the Warhol We Deserve: Cultural Studies and Queer Culture
15th32299trailer pics
32298jbs damn right i am somebody
322970wens glass photos
32296bochner on judd's wrightings
32292north dallas kips demolished
14th322901949 buick
32288tom hodgkinson how to be idle
32286low jc water pressure
32282film primer
32281namad museum brutal joint
32280turn / life without buildings
13th32279beasties vs newton
12th32265ruscha in venics
11th32252fiunky 16 corners
32246porch jam
10th32240diddy wah mp3 blog
32239the electric express its the real thing
32238georgia white was i drunk
32237dean carter
9th32225oh my god
32223new bach aria
8th32218mp3 blogs aggregator
32217deutsche bank demo bids
32213last wright hotel up on ebay
7th32211music you wont blog spot
32209construction panorama
32208music for space brothers
32205olsen twin towers
32204default scheme #1
32197silverstein vs pa
6th32191i wanna be your dog
5th32181wcbs not oldies anymore
32160north carolina moonshine culture survey
32159junior johnson ledgend of moonshine running and stock car racing
32155negative drunk
32154drunk play photo
32152walter anderson museum of art
32151pencil carving
32145rat rod pick of the week
1st32144photo trailer door open
32143frank ritch on the freedom tower
32142why we should build apartments at ground zero
32140ouroussoff on whitney expansion
32138chrysler bldg
32129tulsa drive in
May31st321269 wv tank shots
32125herman miller babble
25th32088untitled (back yard)
32081lords of dogtown
24th32078saltz on buren at gug
32075design sponge throws shit fit
32073hot 45k singlewide
32072no cutting edge in design
23rd32069early film and cities
32068ban disaster relief housing
32066screen goo shoe goo
32062polaroid 3
32061polaroid 2
32060polaroid 1
32059demo derby
22nd32054walls of new york
32052It's All Newsweek's Fault
21st32049trump trade center
32048snohetta international freedom center
32045waldman is a nut
32041northern exposure plllantings
32040instalation shot
20th32031lincoln park
32030asbury park
32027saltz 3 x abs
32012thomas newman
18th32006gangster god worldwide secret...
32005rat rod pick of the week
32003untitled (lawn party)
31989architecture radio
31983granta 89 the factory
16th31975harman kardon soundsticks II
15th31973recovering architect
31972jane jacobs on williamsburg waterfront edvelopment proposal
12th31948potter george ohr
11th31945mcmansions suck
31944small hoouses rock
3193932 unknown pollocks discovered
9th31922dia at the high line
31919the red hot jazz archive
31918audubon at nyhs
8th31911dee dee ramone
7th31909cribs marathon
31905trailer pic
31899cracking agent code
6th31894double diamond house endangered
31892housing maps
5th31889tv party
31888project c-90
31885groundswell and hardscape
31884shigeru ban
31883mass barn construction
31881tree count
4th31873ground zero unraveling
3rd31867calatrava tower and the prices they bring
31862florence knoll
31861rampe leves ground zero project
31857arch news now on vacation
2nd31856leadbelly vid
31853gender and the art market
31847rat rod potw
1st31844joes family road trip
April30th31839diy class
29th31837vanilla pop
31826django record brother
28th31824danto on basquiat
31823saltz hammering the status quo
31822apartment therapy
31820lorimer 1 mil dump
31817curbed again
31816design sponge favorites
31815trailer series
31814fishcamp folllies
31808rip hazel adkins
27th31805caltrans louver probs
31804the final betrayal at ground zero
31799end of the century
23rd31781rat rod potw
31780times square howard johnsons closing
31776google satelite maps
22nd31771paint it black
21st31758library of congress juke box
19th31744that 70's guy
31743canada 78s
31741botero abu ghraib
31732reel radio
18th31725revs returns
17th31719stallabrass Internet Art: The Online Clash of Culture and Commerce
31717free art films via kenny g
31716prouve tropical house at yale
15th31701inflatable pub
31700hot rod hootenany
31699conversations regarding the future of architecture
14th31695kensignton spring image
31690an annual glass issue
31687Hernan Diaz Alonso : winner of this year's MoMA/PS1 Young Architects ProgramHernan Diaz Alonso :
13th31686rip johnny b goode johnnie johnson
31678the snobs
31676cache of NYC restaurant photos
12th31670no tennants for the freadom tower
31668RNC protests on videotape
31662devil jugs
31660harry partch
31659sell the schnabel
9th31641komfort trailer babes
8th31638the pan am building
31636hdm post critical
31634kevin landers
31633lipstick and dynamite
31632dymaxion passenger
7th31619mau vs torronto
31618lake michigan container cottage
31615nyt 2005 design section
31610dot dot dot
31608mod fonts
31607rudolph de karak
31604thanks tom
6th31603madonna egg flic
31599hello dad im in jail --thom
31598musical sell outs - thom
31595good video - tom
31594me tom moody
5th31583guest blogger
31579design w/o reach
31574federal report on wtc collapse
31572scent stories
31571sheer dallas
4th31564memorial performance for steve perrino
31563the euros are coming
1st31543ides of march
31536nakashima at auction
31534soda constructor
March30th31519Intellectual Marijuana comics and their critics
31511john allen
31510cue champ
29th31503notes on flavin
31502adorno as antidote
31499opera cast
31498public radio fan
26th31470found footage festival
31468boltz cd rack 600 x 4
25th31464realestate the new nazdac
31462post columbine school design
31461cinema zero at si
3146037 fluxus shorts
31459erik satie kenneth goldsmith
24th31454hillbilly multiple
3145010 x 10
23rd31447gender drinking
31446trailer in the expanded field
31444man passed out
31441totally eclipsed
31440marfa tx
31436monster garage truck trike
31433chefs catalog
31432les switch bldg
22nd31431anals of communication the future of advertising
31426nazi resort refurb
31423oscar niemeyer index interview
31421rip john delorean
31419Spatial Narratives Spatial Narratives Mark Rakatansky
31416theory of architecture
31414Von Bart Lootsma THE DIAGRAM DEBATE, or the Schizoid Architect Von Bart Lootsma. THE DIAG
31413radical immanent criticism
31412against architcture
31409architectures place in art history: art or adjunct
31407snap shot books
31406thomas walther snap*shot collection
21st31403sol lewit photo grid
31400bush to cities drop dead
31399global construction corruption - transparency international
31398pritzker to t mayne
31396mapping sitting
31390tcm history of product placement
20th31387buren at the gug
31386gypsy lore
19th31380hand made
31376permanent wtc path terminal
17th31358yves kline movies
31357rat rod pick
31356rat rod pick
16th31348arbus by schjeldahl
31344rat rod daily pick
15th31336bag house
13th31319slayer d and d lightning bolt edit
31314todays rat rod
12th31308larry clark icp
31306harry smith naropa archive
31303the american look
11th31301arichectural products / mcmasters
31298mondo klein
31297135 joralemon bkln
31293black tom jersey city
10th31292keats naggative capability
31285astor place cube gone missin'
9th31279ya bois on y klein
31276bernini vs borromini
31273conneticut salt marsh barn
31270lapidus patterson silks building demolished
8th31263resquing manufactured housing from public disdane
31259yves kline air architecture
31257birds and glass bldgs
7th31256counterfeit mini
31253john fekner
31249julius shulman getty collection
31248flw home market sluggish
31246cbgb eviction
5th31235stingle cooper painting
4th31234charlotte brooks owl in kitchen
3rd31223Julius Shulman in LA
31222bootleg b9's ordered destroyed
31220danto on sontag
31219houses of vinalhaven
2nd31216rat rods at auction
31215east river developement
31214shake hands with shorty
31213architecture slam
31212richard prince
31210art reality show
1st31204surf photographer leroy grannis
31197mispent port security funds
31196negative land i pod
February28th31188fair use and digital environmentalism
27th31186jackson mac low
31181jc medical center
25th31162mt airy lodge at auction
31150alexander house
23rd31144orange crackers
31142criticalmass and new urbanism
31139Supreme Court to Hear Connecticut Property-Rights Case
22nd31136odyssey dance floor at auction
31135libeskind and arad obsolete
21st31129surf photography
20th31123childs not all first rate
31118nyc brownstoner tax target
31112ciao manhattan
19th31111monuments of passiaac
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31100Superstudio and Yves Klein
31096renzo piano on charlie rose
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31000I've Heard About Node 1
30998Public Face and Private Space:The West German Single Family House in the Twentieth Century
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30990Forty-Two for Henry Flynt by La Monte Young
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30975Pevsner on Art and Architecture
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3094645º, 90º, 180º/City
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30926What Do I Get? Punk Rock, Authenticity and Cultural Capital.By Brian Cogan
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30907whitnney's brownstone neighbors
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30887the women of gee's bend
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30726the illustrated fountain head
30725Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer Julius Knipl, Real E
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