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archive of posts for the year 2009


December31st50489blue moon nye
30th50485rip tavern on green nyc
29th50478In Memory of Maryanne Amacher
28th50477roky ericson
50472paul rudolph umbrella house
27th50466harry e smith interview 1965
50465dieter rams museum poster
50464parking garage mimo
50463internbational greenhouse co
26th50457digitally fabricated bookshelves
50456merida homes
50445ugly christmas party dot com
50444rosebrand theatrical
50443visual acoustics
50442towe bach thurs
23rd50437robt willimas lecture la paint 1/11
22nd50430ed roth interviewing von dutch
50427rip arnold stang
21st50423the hound on andrew loog oldham
50420Berlusconi Attack Spurs Souvenir Sales
20th50414nyc hotel alley
19th50407 Arbeit Macht Frei
50406on the road charles kuralt
50405edgar oliver the hermit & other poems
18th50401sidan finns
16th50391historic north shore mimo
50388rare and historic house plans
50387the return of banjo boy
15th50386Les Enfants du Paradis
14th50382bowie 64-6
50381the parking garage / house of cars
50380casa barone
50379Ocala block
50374on monsters
9th50353salvaged bowling alley lane wood / kauri wood
8th50348Xeros Residence – Phoenix by Blank Studio
7th50341Sony Legacy To Release 70-CD Miles Davis Box Set
5th50330last year for vw beetle
4th50326kuspit war machine (bauhaus)
3rd50324new sun maid rasins babe
50319charlie brown christmas tree
50318heinrich-siegfried bormann - visual analysis of a piece of music
1st50304hulu list
November30th50295in defense of conceptual art
50293smothers brothers dangerously funny
50292used theatrical drapes
50282Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive written my johnny mercer performed by Willy Nelson
26th50278Beach Coastal Summer House Vestfold 2 by Jarmund Vigsnæs AS Architects MNAL (JVA)
50277Beach House with Open Space Patio in Huentelauquen by Izquierdo Lehmann
24th50269cds center for documeentary studies duke
502689h capsule hotle tokyo
50267fire in my bones
50263the ciao manhattan tapes
21st50255 Railway luggage racks
50254Dieter Rams at the Design Museum
50253heaven freestanding stepladder
50252shed house skye
20th50248op art
50247cocacola out of costco
19th50245music from free creek
50244absolute sell out
50243gb bush library
50241army core engeneers found in gross negligence in maintaining channel in lousiana
50240tony joe white
50239the robert isabell collection
18th50233disneys nine old men
50232gorton steam valves
50227counter top bottle tree
50226nickle plated runway light
50225road food
17th50223industrial band name
50222hungry i
50219raoul de kaiser
50218parsingthe new museum controversy
50216c town
16th50213custom vinyl lettering
50208worst growing season ever
13th5019511 boxes tokyo
50194strammer max
12th50191obsolete pedia
50190bale of burlap
50188developer sells 7 acres of coney island to nyc
11th50184nyc mta signs
50179wild horses leon russell
50178reference library arrow sign
10th50174the least unstable primer
9th50171blasting mats
50170adirndack chair history
50169metal saw horses
50168how to construct rietveld furniture
50164holidays in the sun
7th50155aldo leopold bench
50154ferrari world abu dhabi
6th50150concrete and rebar table bartok
50149bauhaus at moma
50148see my baby jive
5th50142kuspit on stella russo and boundless abstraction
50139the jazz loft projec t
50138missing table and chairs
50137whole tree architecture
50135free chair tracked
50134bay ridge gingerbread house
3rd50124rip claude levi-strauss
50122pressed penny
50118 Book Review:
2nd50114tentinx sierra ppa large chain mail
1st50106milk stairs rails
50104bebo chucho valdes
50103koko fahle house
50102marmol radziner prefabs
50100altered images
October31st50096cris butler lives in jeffrey dahmers house
50093antique meat slicers
29th50080ni-3 end cube table
50074paiko glass
50073crying diedre candle
28th50072chip taylor
50071hunt and tony sales on rundgren radio
50070nola houses of the future
50065buren awning fabric
26th50062documentarian frederick wiseman
50060art sine 1900
50058populuxe modern diy furniture
50057coast modern
50056shulman, what they dont tell you
22nd5004426 abandoned gas stations
50035yard shot
21st50033esherick hammer handle chair
50032Essay Détournement as Negation and Prelude
50031rago modern fall 09 online catalog
50030venom and eternity
50028Self-healing Concrete
19th50014lichtenberg figures
50004habitat bucks restore
18th50001pipe dreams and american routes archive
17th49992emerson coen partners
16th49988brett king bucks co pa
49985gio ponti in praise of architecture
49983city of signs
49982ipod / computer speakers
15th49971daring to look dorthea lange photos and original captions
49970cube house
49969eye level
49965coach clock
14th49962the bans col
49960architects shoes
49959modernist m,,agazine project
49958rip dickie peterson of blue cheer
12th49941zen and the art of mc maintenance
49939mexican cocacola
49938cata camera bags
10th49932soupy interview
49931i hate the stooges worst band ever
9th49930little red rooster
49928ken goldsmith interviewed
49927edward hopper studio
49926big red
49925wreck bar to return
49924the hond on lester bangs
49922ms essmans house in albany
8th49917apple crates
7th49911rip irving penn
49910bouroullec floating house
49907painters painting
49906ichiban radio
49905rip mr magic
49900deconstruction house
6th49899airstream classifieds
49887weird friends
5th49886patty smith on dylan
49884prefab 20*20
4th49876burroughs junky audio
49875shake hands with shorty
49873i am a rock
49871dyln in polka dots
2nd49856julius shulman
49855why graphics aps tend to be run on macs
September30th49839jesus boots
49838cherokee red exhaust fan at falling water house
49830the realist
29th49825deiter rams and macs
49824exile outakes
49823otis ball
49822coral transplant from stimulus money
28th49815limited space stairs
49812killer blue green algae
27th49809national parks 12 hrs in 6 parts
49808manufacturing consent
49806r and r from the tv and movies
26th49798hollis frampton
49796funnies in gifs
49792the cavemen
49791the umbrella house
49790tc cello
49789portsmith sinfonia in the hall of the mountin king
49788beam drop cris burden
49787paper dress
49780lee lozano drop out
49775flip book / value theory
49772the americans
49771Mountain Retreat in Queenstown / New Zealand by Fearon Hay Architects
49770the collection of olivier mossett
49769cabin construction diary
23rd49767what is hip
49763people of walmart
22nd49761wtc a building project like no other
49760norms picnic table plans
49759big wood slabs
49757house dijk
49756gas station canopy
49755julius shulman memorial
21st49753marva whitney
20th49743the bedminster inn
49742the national hotel and the rathskeller
19th49736diamonds dreams landscapes
18th49729maynes 41 cooper sq
17th49719archival sound recordings
49716digital rome
14th49695nara popped
13th49691rip norman e borlaug
49690weird book room
12th49684pan terra
49682george nelson css wall unit
49680fekner dk
49679Ledger Live: Historical Corruption Tour of Jersey City
11th49674nyt ed on wtc gz 8 years later
49673goldberger broken promises at ground zero
10th49662rago modern auction
49656dan phillips east tx houses from junk
49654joplin serigraph
49651eric doeringer lewitt
7th49641knurled knobs / mechanical philosopher
49637wtc i beams to become public monuments
5th49628krauss the originality of the avante=garde and other modernist myths
49627sally krauss greenberg
4th49617anne truitt
49615mini greenbergs
4961410 houses made of unorthodox materials
3rd49610remembering dash snow
1st49600lil duce coope
49596rip ellie greenwich
August29th49585Asger Jorn Villa in Albissola Marina
49584annie leibovitz whats wrong with this picture
49582Documentary, events pay tribute to Icky Twerp creator Bill Camfield
49581Martha Buskirk’s The Contingent Object of Contemporary Art and
28th4957419-21 beekman place
49567the man wwho fell to earth
27th49564cape cod moderns
49560ss pinwheels
49557carp on crap
26th49555no man an island
49546rip larry knetchal
24th49532atchafala houseboat
23rd49521harry crews
21st49510hurricane bill
19th49488andys junk
18th49484rip jim dickinson
49483speed equipment stickers
49478skim boards
17th49477skinflint lighting
49476brackets included
49475jaffe lloyds hhouse
49473heating help
49472rip musicologist david drew
16th49465rip rashid ali
14th49453rip east coats skatemaster andy kessler
12th49446punk music circa '66
49445toggle light switch
49443folk taxonomies
11th49440gwathmey and the ny 5
49435unnecessary quotes
9th49427worn free
49426obama consumer logic / curt anderson
49425harvey kurtzman the mad genius / book review
49423Removal of Objects at Snug Harbor Stirs Uproar
8th49420know your fm
49417dallas yellow pages
49415 How the Beatles Destroyed Rock 'n' Roll
7th49393fasciats architecture
49392flw discussion
6th49384ALH on FLW for WSJ
49383la cite des ests-unis concrete utopia
49382point sq container project
5th49378archie campbell hee haw
49374z boys
49373oak hills portland rummer home
July31st49323pier 57 containers
49322seinfeld onscreen reunion
29th49304howard kalan
49296shes dead wrapped in plastic
49291wiki rorschach
28th49280lobster dispute
49278listen live internnet radio
27th49277clamp leg table
49272silbo gomero / guanches
49271basil wolverton at gladstone
49267kiss master mix
22nd49237croc haters
492368 track via things
21st49219cosanti in az
19th49206the new monumentality
49205communing w/ victor navaski
49204ponderosa stomp at lincoln center
49203rip julius shulman
49202english pubs
18th49199diddo wetsuits
49177geo hay
49175dan graham
49165small faces
15th49147rip dash snow
14th49142hadid bach space
49141flw enis house sold
49140The Times Agrees to Sell WQXR Radio
13th49133paolo solari
49132corten bbq pit
49131duck dunn
49130barns foundation mystery plans
12th49122mies and snow whites coffin.
49121dieter rams
11th49117ferris beuller house
49114the future of a radical price
49113honda 50
49112i wake up sampling
49111jb lenoir
49110tommy hanley
49109ghost / a456
10th49101contenedor cultural - platoon kunsthalle, container art center
49100post katrina construction in lakeview
49099open letter to dwell
49098george nelson
49097lamont mansion
49096bottle digger
49092rip climber john bachar
9th49085the maine float rope co
7th49070koenig stahl house
49066Albert Ayler - Nuits De La Fondation Maeght 1970 - 01
49065lake flato
49064nagagin capsule tower
6th49063If You Live in a Glass House
4th49046bottling date codes
49015shelter house azzi
49010If Famous Architecture Were Priced Like Paintings, a Le Corbusier Would Cost the Same as the Entire
1st49000dave the spaz at ponderosa stomp
June30th48985rip sky saxon
24th48946ham radio
48945times square
23rd48932ferile kid
48922taj giant step
22nd48916rip rainbow room
48911calculating space heater btu
21st48900keithsburg rr bridge
48898asphalt spot
48897house 127
20th48891endangered 3 decker homes in new england
19th48885the history of nw rock
48884wtc fiasco
48881murry the k show shangralas
48876harvey earl office
48875skateboard scrap chair
18th48874jug guzzel
48872old seedy gotham
48869old weird america
48867second homes for leisure living
48859the da vinci detective
48858take ivy
48857carpet cloak
16th48844plumbing pipe handrail
48842rogers on charles
48841beasts at the border
48836wonder boner
15th48831billy wright
48829teddy boys
48827Branislav Kropilak photos signs garages
48826kaufmann closing oakland prefab office
48825eames house
48824rago perrault
48822bau bike
12th48807alexey brodivitch floor chair
48802loud fast jews
48801cool buildings list
48799rubble club
11th48790where my cell phone
48789the order of myths
48788museum of british folklore
48785bindle, rigadoo
10th48776house in kamakura japan by suppose design office
48775vertical farm concept
48774against intigrated wind turbine design
48773vito acconci closing design studio
9th48766secret science club
48765chas ray at mm
48764high line
8th48752jean baudrillard rock star
7th48744starker period collection
48742safire on strawman
48738joseph albers
6th48731the whiskey rebelion
48719picnic table
48716traktorkomp georgia brown
48713drinking images
4th48704aernout mik moma
48702times sq mall
48701modernist rampage in providence
48700on the problems of lincoln center
48699endangered dinosaur center
48698on seeing the barn
3rd48691the speakeasy trend
1st48666tony fitzpatrick
48663wfmu search central
48661chinese flying saucer house
May31st48658rock my religion
48657dagley at shafrazi
48654 iggy pops Les Feuilles Mortes
30th48650east of bowrey next stop times square
48649grain surfboards
29th48643gas powered la-z-boy
48641militant modernism
28th48624raising new orleans
48623Ferrari Sells for a Record $12.4 Million
27th48611the trades
26th48605water tank pool
48601collectors club
48599the big book of cattle brands
48598times sq closed to traffic
24th48575lone star dog
48573sprio agnew watch
23rd48567new radical
48566ubu 1000 avante garde films
48565makes own sol lewitt
22nd48559gamble and huff soul train philly
48558woolfram alpha
48556gallery closings
48554moore scrapped
48548kicksville 66
21st48546mildred ln
48545i phone color match
48543friends of lowes jc get 5 year lease
48537beach cruisers
48535on not plugging it in
48533building unbuilt flw
48532scare eye
48531flw leggo
20th48526rip wreck bar mermade show?
18th48511cheese wax
48510under the hudson
48509hotel made from wine barrels
16th48488reverend jen live nude elf
15th48483text highlighter
48482atelier a1
48481gregs auction results
48476pictures gen
48475multiple sidosis
14th48473ace jet 170
48470A minor building by modernist architect Mies van der Rohe is under threat in Chicago. It's what he m
13th48458tuli on the fugs
48453dan colin
12th48445on antiques rs
11th48444your brain on architecture
48443kalita b humphries fl wright theater
48437caltrava transportation hub
48431rip maldives
48429pa high-rise negs not photos
8th48421the infinnite lawn
48418fema taking back katrina trailers
7th48408nice pants lamp
6th48395Dom DeLuise
5th48390chambray / cambric
3rd48378lower nazareth elementry school construction photos school construction photos
48377un restored
48373the music building
48368shredded dollars
48367cow boys dome colapse
48366cheevers burbs
April29th48348tony fitzpatrick this train
27th48328howie pyro radio
48327world digital library
48323wfdu radio
24th48308rago modern highlights
48305lester bangs
48304rip sabel starr
23rd48295surf photography clark little
22nd48287whole earth catalog / foxfire / mother jones
20th48262the geator with the heater
48261you are what you eat
48260florida ariel photogs
48259on hype
19th48249construction photos
48248art boards
48247hemp canvas
48245jens risom vostra
18th48235whats the word? thunderbird.
48234hating npr
48233rip citizen kafka
48231leo castelli
17th48228breuer "Sooner or later, it’s going to be Brutalism’s turn.”
16th48216adaptive reuse
48215Wladyslaw Strzeminski 1893 - 1952
15th48212bikers apt house
48210simon linke (artforum)
14th48193streaming radio
48191r4dio free 4msterdam
48190dylan on the stones
13th4817810 design
48176jameson mcluhan giedion
48173zumthor 09 pritzker winner
48172jersey city park
48170favorite artist
48157kodakgirl graffiti
48134cariou vs prince
48133the thing bank
10th48111corbu books reviewed
48109nyt on ressession design
4810840/4 chair
48107hickup burp cha cha cha
48106wall bra in art cave
48102trailer and construction photos
9th48097Will Chicago tear down a Mies van der Rohe building?
48096down with dubai
4809530 ways to die from electrocution
48093populuxe books
48092sounds of the american forrest / folkways podcast
8th48079drinking pics
7th48070rago modern apr 25 26
48067charlie rose w/ ada louise huxtable
48061rip robert delford brown
4th48045building construction photo
48042the wrecking crew
3rd48038gene swenson
48037art market now rothko warhol
48036taking the train
2nd48026bell labs holmdel nj saarinen endangered again
48025breuer atlanta library endangered
1st48021pattern poetry
March31st48015bambii i beam
48013art since 1900
48010re store philly
30th47999ponderosa stomp
29th47995rural radio daily yonder
47994rip archie green
47991she acts like we never have met
28th47989funky 16 corners/soul sides
47985hardware store display
27th47967the hound
47966Allegory, Repression and a Future for Modernism
26th47955drops freedom name for 1wtc
47953bach cantatas
47951TUN3R online radio
47949bach for percussion
47948rip popcorn sutton
25th47945american culture between the wars kalaidjian
47940wave tile
23rd47934rip eddie bo
47932art of field recording II
22nd47927rossio sq lisbon mosaic sidewalk
47926gas station drinking images
21st47922rip lionel ziprin
47920pepsi coke bottle
47918copacabana sidewalk
47917Formalist art criticism and the politics of meaning / tekiner
47916bach on march 21
47912patterosdn usefull mfg
20th47905bois / Whose formalism? - art criticism - Art History And Its Theories
47902big box reuse
47896george jouve tiles
19th47884Habitat Adds Demolition
47881hogarths enraged musician
47878reflecting on brutalism
47877judd furn
47876terry towe bach
4786896 tears
18th47866blood puddle pillows
47860flubber hasbro
47859wtc progress report
17th47850metal p clips
47842poeme electronique
47841corbu haters
47840venturi lieb house
47839queens museum nyc model
16th47836szech book cover design
4783510th st galleries
47833old country church
47830flintstones building blocks
47829ask your mama
15th47824push button house
47821master plan
47818hollis frampton interview
14th4781580 images breakwater construction
47814corbu house photo
47813walter burley griffin photos
47809andy warhols tv
47807kenny goldsmith
13th47798corbusier and the gray hut
47796the warhol economy
12th47789 TV and its role in popularizing modernism in America
47785The Legibility of Destruction
47784afc holzer interview
11th47779untitled (stillmen)
10th47767aaron used equipment
47755studio silja rantanen
9th47750george ohr cup and saucer
8th47743IH scout
6th47736english barn conversion
5th47719god will fuck you up
47712history of bucks county
4th47703red hot ale
3rd47693the beacon
47692shelter institute
47688vinalhaven contemporary
1st4767350k reading house
47672women of the world
February28th47669tool dip plasti dip
47666make an offer bucks
47665Design and the Depression, The Debate: Part One
47664bauhaus at 90
47663stern johnson tapes
27th476585 45s fridays
47657rose marie mccoy of the brill building
47653chewed gum fridge mag
26th47651“the art market is less ethical than the stock market”
47649closing times sq to traffic
47648the real godfathers of punk
47647strictly taboo
24th47633street paving photos
47631navajo rug train motif
22nd47618dr gene scott
47617river deep mountain high
47616mercury partz
47615metal shed
47614lost oregon
47609carriage shed
21st47608ruin house
47607tinnitus / anvil
47604eno observed
20th47602cold war pollock
47594bkln navy yard hospital
19th47589nad sack house
47581bedrock city
47579shipping containers stacking up
47578blue highways tv old country church
18th47575built for the peoplearch news
47574putty and paint will make it what it aint
47566goodman house (timber frame barn)
47563classic hears register
16th47545edgar of e 10th street
47543minimalism: art and polemics in the 60's
15th47539warhol critical anthology
47536The Color of Industry: Frank Stella, Donald Judd, and Andy Warhol
47534cab in porgy
14th47532yves' stuff
47530"New Media vs Artists with Computers," not "New Media Artists vs Artists with Computers,"
13th47526fri 13
47515nyc loft porn
47514judd vs warhol
11th47503hobo nickels
47494Duke Ellington & John Coltrane
9th47486Y-A B
47484#4 No Title, acrylic on unprimed canvas, 70
47482freid art and objecthood
47480bois Whose formalism? - art criticism - Art History And Its Theories
47479bois on t smith
47477rip blossom dearie
47476endangered wpa housing
8th47473rago modern
7th474605 x 45s #2
6th47455mick ronson into the rr hof
47450art world ponzi scheme
47449bowling alone
47447weeks a frame
47446radiator heat
47443that maple syrup smell from nj
47437rip millard fuller habitat for humanity
47435highway 94 loc 1
47434AP Accuses Obama Artist Shepard Fairey Of Copyright Infringement
4th47432rip lux interior
47427bad chemicals
47421saving the burbs pt 2
2nd47404live the box (container house)
47401dickie goodman
1st47397POUL VOLTHER / ERIC JORGENSEN Corona lounge chair with red wool cushions on steel base.
47391pyramid club
47389highwater lable
47388office naps
47387reasons to be cheerful
47386pink fairies
January31st47384architypes pattern
47383richters cologne cathederal window
47380last rago auction / kiley jenkins
47379modern at raago
47378negotiating furniture prices
47376di maria container home
47375design corps
473725 45s
47371toh goes to bkln
47370bush thrower shoe statue
30th47364container home kc
47360mars rover still ticking
29th47354finely carved scooters
28th47347the big rich texas oil men
47343self published nyt
47339shipping container puma store
47338shipping container snowboard ramp
47336jonathan quinn sea and sky
27th47334garage hangover
47332brandeis closing art museum
26th47324brontosaurus for sale
47323hyllie watertower
47322einstein tower drawings and destruction
47321velvet underground at the glass house
47320sesquipedalist / you you idiot / fantastic /
47319dropped bra wesselman
47318admirals row
25th47310origins of skateboaerding
47308early skate kid
47307cinder block house
47306dee dee moments
47304philip johnsons hodgson house of new canaan
24th47301in the footsteps of marco polo
47300convertible corvette c3s
47299Collector Car Prices Soften but Don’t Crash
23rd47297team hobie
47296judit bellostes
47292skyway house
47291butt hole rd
21st47275obama on jane jacobs
20th47268rip Shigeo Fukuda
47267parade needs shriners
47264albert kahn
47263adaptive reuse defined
47262cony island redevelopment
47260wipe out
47258the east village other / steven heller
47253floating podium
47252virillo bunker archaeology
19th47251saranac date code
47249storm drains of plano
18th47243waiting for my gin to hit me
47241swinging london
47239abandoned asian amusement parks
17th47236kromer caps
47235von dutch stuff
47230scarsdale rocks
47229skid row joe
47228memphis ardent studios
47225devil train
15th47222barrett jackson
47218celery stalks at midnight
47211grey water guerrillas
12th47204cadillac one
47203“Ranch homes” - their history and distinguishing characteristics
47202david lee roth
47201The Belle Isle Park Aquarium in Detroit circa 1905
47198internet pinball database
47192tile stoves
47191brutalist soap
11th47189strange maps
47186atomic toys
47184car cut aways
47182retro necro
10th47178harris armstrongs stuebner
47176agence eureka
47175junk jet
47173trucknutz the goat
47172martial solal piano
8th47163american clay
47161cinder block idaho residence
7th47154flintstones building boulder blocks
47153hdm 29 fw8/9
47150Grande Cretto Nero Burri
47149Industrial Painting's Utopias: Lucio Fontana's “Expectations”
47148pollack anthony whiite
47140pop panel
47139nottny robot baby
6th47137changes in home design
47135burroughs shotgun art
47134rip ron ashton
47133perforated wood
47132depressing design
5th47125stair porn
4th47117andy & sonny liston braniff commercial
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