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archive of posts for the year 2011


December29th55969Circled dot phosphenes
55966kelly brush stroke paintings
28th5595722 acres on vinalhaven
55952Rip Andrew geller
25th55935Huncke drool at the chelsea
20th55911Ray Parker simple paintings
19th55907El dorado
18th55898Bloomberg pavilion
55890Shaved door handles c3 corvette
17th55886Kennethlaurent FLW house
55885Moses bridge
55872A journey around my skull / 50 watts
55871House porn
16th55868Helicoid staircase
55867Easel lamp
13th55850Jens risom prefab house
12th55846Chair of oak and linoleum
55842Art for art
55836Liina transitional shelter
55833Hand made instruments
10th55832Conrad Marca-relli
55831Minced oath
8th55823Tetra shed
7th55813Pa commercial
6th55807Plywood dome
4th55800Dakota digital
55799Future steel
November29th55778Fire hose
27th55766Stickley telephone stand and chair
55763Handicap access FLW house
55755Swedish timber frame interior
55754Timber frame interior
25th55751The shed
24th55740Nut barn conversion
23rd55737Old buildings new design
55736Wdk studio
55735Grid beam
22nd55731Gristmill Easton
19th55715Pop music
18th55712Easton house
55710712 house perforated brick
17th55705Small house move
15th55693Reselling digital music
14th55691Newman chassis
55690Architect Tom kundig
55689222 bowery
12th55678Contra stove
10th55674Huncke corso
55673D jame red cape
9th55668Skinny house nyc
8th55660Ranchers retreat
5th55639Balcony roof window
4th55634S easton
55629Stock boxes
October30th55613Indigo coco drum op rug
29th5560830 k allentown
27th55593Duchamp science
55591Twu doc
26th55582Abc sofa sale
25th55575Tsunami debris
24th55572Joe Zucker grid paintings
19th55541calder 1941
18th55535Porch house
55534Go home
17th55527Biscotti verticale
55517Amstrerdam modern
55515The brick house
55514Studio and residence in Casascura Fläsch
55513Sail chair
15th55508T lock
13th55499Bent hem crouwel Almere hse
55498Adaptive reuse
5549711 boxes
12th55493$500 Hawaii house
55491Belt drive thing auction
11th55488Easton $10k
55482Donald triumph
55479Just k house
8th55467Maine cabin makeover
5th55453Gerrit van Bakelite plywood
3rd55428Lacroix Rivera collection
2nd55424Maine cabin build
55421Wall tile
55420Denis milovanov
September30th55410NYC 70s lean and mean
28th55402Trufig plates
55400Vila beatrix
55399Apolo 11 house
55398Barcode house
55397Cube tables and casement windows
27th55391Irish vernacular
26th55380Bordeaux garage converion
24th55370Old chum
55368Brick making table
21st55352Radio stations
55351Barn plans
20th55347Ceramic containers
55345Ancient textiles
55343San ant one gas station conversion
55304Split back sofa
55302Easton 299k
55301Creative d 100 vs 200
August29th55225slatington church conversion
55223jc flooding
55211yellow fiberglass
55210reading 4 family
26th55194barrel oven
55191One Last Walk Across the Joe Ratcliff Pedestrian Walkway Before Its Upcoming Demolition
25th55187toss up
55186rusty gold
24th55177discovery rago
23rd55174steel and wood chair
55172windmill fan
55170studio craftsman low bench
55168rip jerry leiber and nick ashford
22nd55165maya blue
55160handmade long boards
21st55159 Oil, Acrylic, and Alkyd grounds for Oil painting
55156Small Eco Houses: Solar Home on the Oregon Coast
55153woven carbon / plain and twill
20th55149aligator cafe
19th55145Spomeniks (monuments) concrete
55144perry fills state budget gap w tarp funds
55143hobbit house
55142j cross pots
55139Remodeling an Airstream
17th55125comedy concrete
16th55124edsel ranchero
55120144 sf hse
15th55115keep on
551141, 2, 3
14th55107Original Otl-Aicher-Tischgarnitur zu verkaufen / table and folding chairs
13th55105well alright
11th55096mt beth fixer
55095blinky palermo
55092bell tent stove
10th55086sold bucks co
55085sokol container cabins
9th5508111,000 sf building down town reading $399k
55080milford operahouse
55079bucks modern
55077Eero Saarinen - MIT chapel - Cambridge Massachusetts, 1955
55071flex seal
8th55069airstream reno
55068stretcher bars
55067solar water heating shed
55065How to Construct Rietveld Furniture (Dutch Edition) [Paperback]
6th55050the other side / tiny tim
5th55047generator x chair
55046Criticism v Critique by jjcharlesworth on August 5, 2011
55044Jean Nouvel: Furniture, Gagosian Gallery, Paris
55043barbershop springtown
3rd55033threefold warehouse conversion
55032clamped stool
55031leaning house
55029babalon falling
55027jack rabinowitz
55026interior porn
2nd55023mushroom wood
55018 Julian Schnabel’s Abode Fading from “Pompeii Red” to “Venetian Pink”
1st55016 HOT!!! willie nelson 7/4/74
55009wood platforms
July31st55004ny barn conversion
29th55001magic trip
55000molecule console
54998iron hangers
54996white rooms good fireplace
54995font for people with dyslexia
28th54994easton shop
54988marshal tx
54987rip oak room
54984white walls
26th54980dry stone wall fest
25th54975saw horse
54974arc house
54972alma thomas
549681500 SF house in the Catskill Mountains
24th54962hre wheels
54951 Ace Records: New Orleans Hits, Made In Mississippi
54947philadelphia radio
54946stone barn tribute
21st54943$$$ tree and or play houses
54942good design
54929Alex Steinweiss, Originator of Artistic Album Covers,
19th54923 Marilyn Monroe’s giant blowing skirt sculpture brings out the worst
54922irving sandler
18th54918tubo hotel
17th549152nd ave and houston
16th54909artists beware
54908hiroko takeda
15th54905bob about roy
14th54895woven redwood
12th54884working in the warehouse blues
54883in ground fiberglass swimming pools
54882 Sherwood Schwartz
54879schaap radio
54871de kooning and soup paitings
54869made in france
10th54868willie guhl
54867erwin hauer modular constructivism
54865spray on duct tape
8th54855open the door richard
54854chicken tractors
5th54837sunday house
4th54834avante guarde an
54833Analemmatic sundials: How to build one and why they work
54832Big Al solar brewery
3rd54827lost river cavern's
2nd54819provisional painting
1st54815sumptuary law
June30th54799esoteric survey es
29th54798noguchi lonely tower
54796breur block table
54795Hillebrandt by Rietveld
54793house numbers
54792wood scraps stool
54791brancusi hand mades
54790furniture in 24 hrs
54789nomadic furniture
54788 Hand-Painted Wood Parcheesi Game Board
54787Enzo Mari’s Autoprogettazione
28th54785pinch pot stan bitters
54783internet surfing
54781Katherine Pettit Book of Vegetable Dyes
27th54779roundup roundup
26th54773bees an d ccd
54766prospect park arches
25th54759nancy wilson you dont know
54757industrial depot
23rd54746saving hard books
22nd54736gio ponti
21st54733rave on buddy holly
54732banked bike track
54731wood workers working
54730Unseen Eames: Films from the Vault
54729ryan dunn
54726wildman fischer
54703rip bill haast
18th54698abstract critical
17th54688eames arrows black
54672defensive posturing
15th54668rainwater harvesting
54667gulf dead zone largest in history
11th54648low-impact living interactive
9th546351960 ranchero
54634shed flickr
54633in defense of abex ii
54625million dollar decarators
54624book shelves
8th54621harry smith
54616cob ovens
7th54607frank stella radio
6th54603rubble-rock bbq
54602GEORGE OHR Dimpled bowl, green and gunmetal glaze Stamped G E OHR BILOXI 2 1/4
54598dune house
5th54596cement house
54595old chum
54594Paul Klee: Thinking Eye designed by Robert Büchler
54592pomona swap meet classifieds
54591crafysman pool
54589jalopy lifestyle
4th54583howie pyro
3rd54579the climatron
2nd54574falcon era ranchero
54573clip stamp fold
54571house with ruins
54568roy arden
54566hexagonal pewter stool
54565$15k shotgun
1st5456060 falcon
54558rip adolfas mekas
54551fish camp house
May30th54527tile making
54509hollywood regency
29th5450459 ih
27th54483knoll textiles / bauhaus weaving /
54482cribs pkd
26th54476rip mikey wild
54473earth house.
54471phillis wheatley elementary school treme
24th54449making cob
23rd54441plumbing supply wall unit
54439venetian red gesso
54438port huron statement at 40
22nd54433moon map
54429smart patrol mr dna d-e-v-o
20th54416art workers
54415adjustible chaise
54409agday rfd tv
18th54387duce and a quarter
54386the barris curse
17th54382recycled window greenhouse
54381grow bottles
54380pontoon boat
54375Artwords: Discourse on the 60s and 70s (Studies in the fine arts. The avant-garde)
16th54367morgan studios
54365black covers of dylan
15th54360mark catesby woodstork
54354Thomas King Forcade
54353Interactivist -- Ben Morea -- Garbage Guerrilla
54352the open window
54346acid sweat lodge
54339vivian maier
13th54334that old ace in the hole
12th54287thread closed!
10th54267sunray kelly
9th54266music in library of congress
8th54258hickory cloth
54256welding sayings
54253basket twill weave
6th54238geller pearlroth house
54236One-Dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society by Herbert Marcuse (Bo
4th54228fan museum
54224gene windfield wild cad
2nd54212poets on the peaks
1st54207casa do penedo
54204soda chair
April30th54192city cottage
54189$300 house
29th54187record houses
54185315 goat hill rd
28th54182digital fonts from letter type
54181kohler at stahl hse
54170bristol sessions
26th54154hemp vs cotton
25th54146personal auto gyro
23rd54137Foreclosed Neutra in Beverly Hills Being Sold as a Teardown
54136the wrecking crew movie
54135im so dumb
19th54120charter of the forest
18th54115rip hedda stern
54114serra drawings
17th54101robert j coady, man of the soil
15th54060John M. Johansen Plastic Tent House 1974
13th54050trashing roy
8th54022the modern cabin
54018cocon house
54015real florida
7th54012lamp fix
54011 Lisa Gherardini
54010Going Condo or Getting Boutiqued? The longtime residents of the Chelsea Hotel are playing a game of
54000truckin font
5th53999oyster shell tabby
53993red and white qults
53986cloud club decopix
3rd53983carpentry hut
53982Tomorrow's Houses New England Modernism
53971tesla big 4
March31st53964The Jersey Sting: A True Story of Crooked Pols, Money-Laundering Rabbis, Black Market Kidneys, and t
53959internet archive tv commercials
30th53958keg er lator
53957bp gulf beaches still closed to public
29th53953Black carbon stairs
27th53942pe guerin
26th53931dolphins bp
25th53926calders chairs
23rd53913silver liz
19th53889el mirage motor cycle
53888wally parks scta
18th53883charlie harper prints
17th53882fufuima reactors
53877hoof boots
16th53862bad news
13th5384071 ranchero
12th53834Machine in the Studio: Constructing the Postwar American Artist By Caroline A. Jones
53831green tunnel
53830the new small house
11th53828Godard’s Intertitles
53820the field lab
10th53814Why are conceptual artists painting again? Because they think it’s a good idea.
9th53809bolefloor free edge floor
53801high water in the deleware
53789billy gibbons hat
6th53777collecting things
5th53770creem magazine t shirts
53766bloomington survior
4th53762harry bates house
2nd53746your own handwriting font
53745new joint design
53742rattan weave
1st53736stop fracking
53734wyeth / whish book
53730milton babbitt
February27th53725vintage internet
53721lost art of steam heat
25th53711jane avril
53708Spike in baby dolphin deaths reported at Gulf beaches 1st dolphin birthing season since BP oil spil
24th53704on the bowery
53702tom moody at ten
53698vw electric bug
23rd5369216 endangered
22nd53688just for the hell of it
53684eleek inc fixtures
21st53669water world
53666colorado mine style
20th53662guido gambone
53659sculpture habitable
18th53646barney bubbles
53645saul bass movie posters
53644artists in space
53639harry bertoia bronze screen
53638container list
17th53637fake clader
53630Lawrence Weiner's house
53628cube tables
16th53621coke recipe
14th53609lafitte apartments
53603flora grubb gardens
53602Silver Lake’s Reservoir Of Black Balls Makes National Geographic
13th53592uk markets
12th53590winsome magdallen cape
53588electric rat rod
53587so-cal e-rod
53586Au revoir Janette Laverrière
11th53579G: An Avant-Garde Journal of Art, Architecture, Design, and Film, 1923-1926
53574garage and house
10th535711949 Buick Roadmaster Sedanette
9th53562kubrick boxes
8th53552bradshaw wave maker
53549 Prints from Basil Besler's Hortus Eystettensis [1613]
7th53545teen a go go
53544float rubberband powered model airplanes
5th53529farmhouse modern
53528live edge metal legs
4th53521upside down painting
53520A Landscape Manifesto
53519Sustainable design is wearing thin
53518Unseeing Modernism: Ezra Stoller at Yossi Milo Gallery
3rd53506old tools tap and die
53501alan uglow
53499snow load bldg collapse
53498 Ken Feinberg, BP Not Independent According To Judge
1st53486materials and sources
53481janices purse contents
January31st53473bp dispersants
53466chicagos meis federal center reno
53465bozo texino
53458juan gris checkerboard 1915
53453 nendo: thin black lines + blurry white surfaces
29th53447skylark beltline
27th53432How to Turn Your Old TV Into a 60's Light Show
53430moss and ferns
24th53408half moon bay wave swoops away 3
23rd53406jerni train auction merklin
22nd53401mid-century house / woodstock handmade
53400jackson bros drag videoa
21st53397barrett jackson
53396floriated ornement
19th53370Works from the Collection of Michael Crichton
53364tesla s
17th53349MLK streets project
53347Bernard Ratzer “Plan of the City of New York” in its 1770 state
53342man ray checkerboards
16th53341ridding wild grapevine
15th53333dennis hoppers art
53332nuclear sludge
14th53327karin sander berlin studio
5332611 small eco homes
13th53316 Bohumil Stepan's illustrations for Gulliverovy Cesty (Gulliver's Travels), Prague 1968
53315license plate map
12th53313windsor chairs at rago
53312 storiesny
53309kalkin container house
53308cannon foundry house
11th53300forest gardening
10th53296its my party
6th53278pres boards
53277generic dr pepper
53274death to the brutes
53273lizzie farey
4th53258boris groys
53252pole barns
3rd53248Seymour Fogel Paintings
2nd53232left bank this month magazine
1st53229homage a toulouse-letrec
53225simon hantai
53224german helmet lamp
December31st53219hMa's Bridge-Studio in Easton, PA: Update