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archive of posts for the year 2014


December30th62858Terrified of monkeys
29th62852Glass enclosed prefab in Amsterdam
26th62837Of houses
25th62832Alexander girard
23rd62819Beams in traditional Portugal house
62818A love letter to concrete
18th62805$5k cabin
62799Free book tells you how to insulate old brick buildings without them falling apart in a few years
16th62791Haut island
15th62786Tension lamp
62782Brick red
13th62776Sandwich panel
8th62746House designed around dining table Japan
7th62741Metal working video
62740Claude parent
6th62734Casa window w japan
62725Alan Buchsbaum
62724Ward bennett
November30th62703How to buy a shipping container
28th62694Cadre house japan
26th62688Swivel guide
62684Less is enough
25th62679Till house chile
24th62674Metal fireplace hood
20th62663Night sky
19th62653Mich stand
62652Sphere light
18th62650Lamp parts
62648Hollow steel spheres
62647Flexible gooseneck tubing
16th62644Tools for life
12th62629Post modern watch list
11th62624Portland building
10th62621Typeface for readers with dyslexia
62620Poul Cadovius
9th62617Vinalhaven me house
8th62611576 sf london flat
6th62600Black timber house Hiroshima
62599S house Japan
4th62586Chalkboard black
3rd62578Black patina
1st62571House in landscape Poland
62568Pioneer post and beam
30th62539Soak tubs
28th62528Arc house east hampton
27th62521Nextime hands clock
25th62514Double house prefab
62513Open studio
19th62488That was not my dream
62487Guy pivot
18th62486Elk valley tractor shed
17th62482Normandie f house
13th62464The vignelli canon
10th62456House husaro Sweden
8th62443Lab tables
6th62427Wilton power arm
3rd62417universal ball joint
2nd62415Variable angle baseVariable angle base
62414A100 pendant
1st62412Adjustable locking hinges
62409Maintenance-free house
62407The new sentence
September30th62402Port Richmond deco commercial
28th62389Czech barn
62388Unidentified black pendants
27th62386Horse stable conversion
26th62381Fairbanks morse 32
62379Basket lamp
62378Floor jack
24th62368Micro apartments
23rd62363Marble lights
21st62354Enzo mari
19th62350schwarz chair
16th62342Smart design for small kitchens
13th62329Junya Ishagami
12th62326Francesco Librizzi studio, Casa G, Cefal¨
62319Wild cabin
7th62303Bridge grate
3rd62285Patent protection
62284Saving south beach
62283Eyrie comprises two houses near Kaiwaka
62279100 French chairs
2nd62272Spittelau incinerator
August28th62257Rebar shelves
26th62248North garden house
24th62243Rebar hairpin table legs
62242Truck tie down winch
62241Albert Frey
23rd62236Stuff show
17th62201Franco Albini Italian rationalist
16th62198butcher block
14th62190Wtc logo
62187Loire valley farm house reno
62186RF 800 house
3rd62126Sunshine canyon house
62125SR wall hooks
62124Ghost sign house fishtown
62121Rest areas
2nd62116Beach refuge chile
62115Kola no Sumika
6211316 foot swells in the artic
July31st62109Hangar xs Buchen
30th62106Record crates
62105Floating Portland cottage
29th62099One+ house
62098House for mother Link÷ping, Sweden
28th62092Near house Tokyo
27th62089Romano domes
24th62067Arthur Umanoff metal wood
21st62055Screen porch house Sao Paulo
62050Sculptural houses
20th62039Renovated Spanish farmhouse
18th62027Cj5 house Vienna
17th62023Studio phenenomenon
13th62014Furniture forum
62013Maxwell yellen
62010Broom making
4th61974Tiny glass greenhouse studio Barcelona
1st61960Stair house
June30th61955Sao Paulo townhouse
61947London artists studios
29th61943Topanga cabin
27th61935Private forest retreat
26th61924Red mesh shades
22nd61891Casa lienzo de barro Chaquinan
21st61889The shack wv
61887Casa do lago lake Austin
20th61878Irish vernacular
618767 floor ando nolita
61874House Unimog
, Ammerbuch, Germania
61873Swedish summer home conversion
19th61871Controlling surface quality
61868Mall death
61867NYC flood protection competition
18th61862Rip Stanley marsh 3
17th61855Joseph frank vegetable tree
16th61846Whipping post
15th61833PC Woody
12th61822HabitašŃo de Baixo Custo, South Korea
61820Molecule mark di suvero
9th61798Mason Dom-Ino
7th61783Bratislavia small house
6th61777Mm Potato sack
61764Casa mr
61761Petty tyrant
61759A history of denim
3rd61737Eco house
2nd61733The archimedes
61730Keystones table
1st61727Floor cushion
61725Block building
28th617052 container container pavilion
27th61695Failed architecture
24th61673villae minimae
22nd61668Pallet racks
61666701 house kobe
20th61646cabin on Vind÷
18th61638E SOTTSASS
13th61613Bounce house
9th61601Moon phase
61598With black trim
61597Carriage house conversion Oakland
61596Working girl
8th61588Before is better
6th61581Ikea names
5th61577Weird Japan house phenomenon
4th61569Survival keychain
2nd61549Willie Nelson tour bus
1st61545Hostal at alejandro soffia
29th61536Storybook house
25th61526Turbine blade move
19th61499Gio Ponti folding chair
61498Iron and wood
16th61480Rago modern auction
61476STIK chair
15th6147064 Kellison j 5
11th61448AR turntable
9th61440Classified kitchen ad
61439Diamond pattern
8th61434Ikea blue bag
7th61431Casa bola Sao Paulo
61428Eames fiberglass
61427SR 37
61426161 essex
5th61415Six forty foot container house
61414Electric corvette
4th61406Rem house Japan
3rd61402Design to connect
61401Suple series conectors
March30th61385West fire stove
29th61383Forrest lane
61382Cop cars
27th61371Swiss barn conversion
26th61370Case house Sapporo
25th61362The bin
24th61356Endangered Texas modernism.
61351Boat house Aure
22nd61345Box kite
61339Garden igloo
19th61338house in Balsthal
16th61322Quick up camper proto
15th61317Deck and ruin
14th61315Braniff blanket
61313The fold series
61298Split chair
61293Collapsible richter shelter
61290Mosquito control garden
9th61278Melmac spatter wear Texas wear
61277Ritter clamping table
61275Hinanai village house
61274Origami sofa
8th61268Kestrel weather meter
61267New 65 mustang
7th61260Rope rugs
6th61256Quincunx pattern
5th61244Decorative screen block
61242Barn conversion sommerset
4th61240Andre aleth Masson ceramicist
61232Mobile crate furniture
61231Stand table
3rd61229House with Calder Japan
2nd61222Elle chair
61221John Alfredo Harris chaise
February28th61214Kites are fun
27th61213Ishinomaki lab
61210Merle haggards boxcar home
61205Ceiling patterns
26th61203South Kensington development
61201Tiny Portland houses
61200Shirokane house Tokyo
25th61189Last edt kombi vw
61188Refuge tonneau
23rd61183Casa trufa spain
21st61176Cappella sant' anna
19th61167Concrete canvas
61165Thermo stack
16th61151200 yo house w built-ins
13th61144Four lines snowflake
61143Melt it down
61135Legos now and then
11th61131Friends of the old seven mile bridge
9th61116Pop desk phone
6th61106Local lumber
3rd61093Astley castle reno
January30th61074Public house Tsumari
61072The Williamsburg of your city
29th61067Missed it by this much
61066Stone barn conversion Yorkshire
28th61064Tesla road trip
61060Case house Sapporo
27th61059Chinese knot mat
61036704 sf Portland
61034All metal
19th61006space age
61005niemeyer in algeria
61003Charlie Harper tiles
16th60987Sunup safe t home
60985Restored diving lady neon
15th60982Navajo texaco
11th60947Traffic pattern interior
10th60944Paul mccobb pavalion collection
9th60942Neutra house pa
60941Ice tsunami
60940Casa rio bonito
6th60922Mo3 house Toulouse
60919Urban product tile
4th60910Miracle strip amusement park
3rd60900Wall unit
1st60893Luffa lab
60892Carroll house
60890Welding and metalwork videos
60889Scmeared cement on plywood