Worst Band Names.......

;-) and the Emoticons
Aesthete's Foot
The Affable Frenchmen
Articulate As Fuck
As If and the Air Quotes
Atlas Frugged
A Very Special Episode of Blossom
Borrowing Joe Orton's Hammer
Britney's Plain, Bitter Sister
Brother, Can You Paradigm?
Christo Draped My Girlfriend's Ass
Classified 'Nads
Demoted From Übermensch
Does This Dental Dam Taste Like Coleslaw to You?
The Dot-Coms Aren't Hiring Anymore Because The NASDAQ Is Tanking, So We Were Going To Make An Indie Film, But Then We Saw Blink-182 On MTV And We Figured, Hey, If They Can Do It, Any Idiot Can Do It, So We Formed This Band
Doubtful It's Mayonnaise
Droppin' Trou With Senor Wences
Dude, Your Mom is HOT!
Durwood Kirby Sleeps On My Living Room Couch
E. Coli and the Food-Borne Illnesses
Ernest Borgnine Naked
The Fact That We Rock Is the Third Secret of Fatima
Fartin' Sartre
Fat, Drunk, And Blowin' Chunks Onstage
Find the $100 Bill Hidden Somewhere in Our Drummer's Pubic Hair
The Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Beatles
Five Guys Who Formed a Band And Still Can't Get Laid
The Four Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf
The Four Horsemen of the Disappointing Ending
The Fuckin' A's
Garrotted with a Scrunchy
God's Only Nose
Go Foucault Yourself
Graceland Über Alles
The Grumpy Dead
Gynecological Whack-A-Mole
Hava Negilah, No, Have Two
He Called Me A Mook. You Can't Call Me A Mook. What's A Mook?
He Do The Police In Different Hairstyles
Hey...I Think I Know That Tongue
Hi I'm Five and I Can Count to One Hundred! One, Two, Three, Four...
Hissyfit Against the Machine
Hungry Hungry Hypocrites
I Don't Think Presumptive Means What You Think It Means
I Ejaculate Bosco
If 6 Was 9, That'd Be Just Wacky
If You're Ready to Rock and Roll, Press 1 Now
Inscrutable Crouton
I Should Have Been A Pair of Ragged Claws, But Instead I Work Nights At Wendy's
It Came From Burl Ives' Goatee
I Think My Spirit Guide Is Licking Me
It's Alright, Ma (No It Fucking Isn't Get Me A Doctor Before I Bleed To
Fucking Death On Your Goddamned Fucking Turkish Rug)
I Want To Die Like Lupe Velez
Jimmy Crack Whore
Kaballah Not Glue
Klaatu Verada Nick Lowe
Labia Menorah (X-rated klezmer band)
Leave the Gun, Take the Zamboni
Leg Humped By Quakers
Mack The Naif
Mangione...Or Astromangione?
MC Escher (I tried listening to his album, but I'm not sure where it begins or ends...)
The Men They Could Hang, But Didn't Because George W. Carefully Reviews Every Death Warrant That Comes Across His Desk And He Saw That They Might Be Innocent And Immediately Called Off The Execution
The Men Who Funk Forgot
My Enormous Mantits
My Nutsack Salutes You
My Uncle The Would-Be Trotsky Killer
Nebbishes With Attitude
New Riders of the Gulag Archipelago
Nixon Prayer Session
Noddy Holder's Spell Checker
No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You To Plotz,br> Oh, There's Godot
Okay, We'll Throw The Girl In Too
Ontogeny Recapitulates Yo' Mama
The Other White Meat
Ophelia Self
The Orangina Monologues
Our Name Is Self-Referential!
Pantsed In Gaza
The Parts of a Chicken You're Really Not Supposed to Eat
The Perpetually Queasy
The Putra Faction
The Richard Feynmen
Ringo Ate My Baby
Schroedinger's Cat Scan
Schtup With People
Single Mullet Theory
Sisyphus is a Pusher
The Slouching Wallendas
Sociopath of Least Resistance
Sopping Wet Cusack
Speak, Mummery
Spy In The House of Pancakes
Syd Barrett's Missing Chromosomes Ate My Puppy
Tastes Nothing Like Chicken
That Darn Catheter
These Your Testicles?
Things That Look Like Pudding
Three Chords And a Legally Accurate Representation Of the Events As They
Transpired On the Night of September 14, 1997
Tinky-Winky, La La, Po & Young
Tittie Bar Sinister
Too Idealistic for the Oneida Colony
Tower of Impotence
The Trembling Mohels
Two Tons O' Nun
Ubu Roi G. Biv
Watch It or We'll Give You an Indian Burn
Weasels Who Drive Zambonis
The Weenie Mocks You
We Vishnu a Hare Krishna
What the Corporate-Owned Media Won't Tell You About My Eleven-Inch Love Muscle
What The Hell Happened to the Cat?
When People Were Shorter and Kept Things on Much Lower Shelves
Where The Hell's My Cookie?
Yoko Boingo
Zeppo Marx Was the Funny One!

- bill 6-21-2000 4:30 pm

are those your creations?
- dave 6-21-2000 11:31 pm [add a comment]

  • No, they came in the mail. Pretty close to a joke page though which I do consider very bad form.
    - bill 6-23-2000 6:03 pm [add a comment]

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