7 wtc silverstein: "pull it"

- bill 5-17-2004 10:50 pm

pull it

- bill 5-17-2004 10:52 pm [add a comment]

Pretty fascinating. I'm curious to read more, because it may mean I have to jettison my "Giuliani was negligent for putting the command center on the 30th floor of a building with fuel tanks" argument. Not to say he wasn't negligent--but the question was whether the exploding fuel tanks brought down the building. That's an amazing find of Silverman, the owner, saying on PBS that the building was "pulled"--brought down by controlled demolition--since that's not the official story. Deserves broader media attention. Also, it does legitimately raise the question of whether 1 and 2 had explosive charges pre-planted, not necessarily as a conspiracy but as a damage-containing safety measure.

- tom moody 5-17-2004 11:37 pm [add a comment]

"The dispute focused on the Seven World Trade Center site investigation, where above-ground diesel tanks were considered a possible source of the raging fire that destroyed the building. The tanks were installed four years ago, over the city Fire Department's objections, to provide emergency power to former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's doomed emergency command center on the 23rd floor."
- bill 7-05-2004 9:08 pm [add a comment]

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