ohio flood lot

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i just won these photos on e.bay. i out bid some one who took them into the teens of dollars. needless to say i would have gone allot higher. allot higher. what a relief. this and the prior posting make a group of 100 images. im thinking a 10 x 10 grid off hand.

i also bid on a third lot that had a bunch of people from this same ohio area. im hoping there might be some addl info hand written in verso. i do think that there is some connection to that factory with the smoke stack since that official looking guard guy with the time-clock on his belts shows up again. it could be a train clock though.

- bill 9-23-2005 1:55 am [add a comment]

these and the others arrived today. the building with the smokestack is now believed to be a morton salt refinery. i believe the town is avon ohio. which i believe is part of the black river watershed and on avon lake in ohio near to cleveland. not all will be useable but theres a good piece in here.
- bill 10-03-2005 10:20 pm [add a comment]

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