She may be most well-known for her Marina the Mermaid act. Every Friday, Marina would swim in the hotel pool of the Yankee Clipper hotel. While you enjoyed happy hour, you could watch a mermaid or two languidly swim from porthole to porthole of the Wreck Bar.

That was until the hotel shut down for renovations this summer.

Marina had many devoted fans, although she and her fellow mermaid performers never saw them: “I don’t know how many people the Wreck Bar holds, but the funny part is that we don’t get to see people when we perform because we’re in the pool. We hear them. We hear from the bartender that the place was packed, but when we’re done and we dry off and we come back down, they’re all gone.”

The good news is that the hotel, now known as the Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel, reopens in early 2010 and Marina will be back at the Wreck Bar. For now, listen to our story (at the top of the post) as you await the return of Marina the Mermaid.
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- bill 10-09-2009 4:43 pm

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