just south of easton right off the canal and delaware river. 36.5k (55 and over community) sattelite view

- bill 6-05-2010 8:21 pm

allentown town house 2676 sf, 99K
- bill 6-05-2010 8:52 pm [add a comment]

Large 1+ acre lot overlooking the river and canal. Mostly flat and cleared. Former site of historic brewery. Brick floor still remains in surprisingly good condition and there is a breath-taking cavern where the beer was stored. This would not inhibit other uses what-so-ever. Great location with road frontage. Electric on property and easy access to sewer and water. City must approve usage.
- bill 6-05-2010 9:09 pm [add a comment]

  • with house... +1,800.00
    - bill 6-06-2010 3:23 pm [add a comment]

  • city + airstream of unconsciousness??
    - Skinny 6-07-2010 2:08 pm [add a comment]

  • right, "City must approve usage." i wonder how they would like shipping a container house. i have one in mind.
    - bill 6-07-2010 3:47 pm [add a comment]

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