nice collection of coal chute holes with carved water diversion grooves images. but please can all the mumbo-jumbo design speak. only the slightest mention of their real purpose. signs are of a secondary nature and coal chute grooves were purpose built to keep the basements a little dryer. all coal chutes used to have iron lids (manhole covers). the ones with cement patches had their lids stolen for scrap value first and later by hipsters for cool looking table tops. coal used to be delivered at the street and was stored in a bin below street level near the furnace. this is all relatively recent history, less that 100 years. please, just the facts mam!

via bldblog who seamed to ignore the bs
- bill 8-19-2010 1:06 pm

Ken Hiratsuka
- bill 8-19-2010 1:28 pm [add a comment]

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