One of the great stories surrounding MoMA's 1965 exhibition "The Responsive Eye" is how collector/garmento Larry Aldrich turned several Op paintings he owned into fabrics, and then into dresses, which fed into the Op Art Trend that was apparently swirling around New York. Of course, it's a great story if you're not named Bridget Riley.

- bill 8-30-2010 12:35 pm

All of that "instant saturation" (art into pop culture) led to Op being considered a dated joke very quickly, such that Bleckner and Halley could make careers on it being a failed movement twenty years later and Roberta Smith could use the phrase "anti-Op New York" in a review attempting to resuscitate Bridget Riley thirty years later.

I still haven't seen the De Palma film. I watched the first part of the Mike Wallace piece on YouTube and stopped because I was cringing too much.
- tom moody 8-30-2010 1:14 pm [add a comment]

the primary structures dress never took off in the same way. meyer returns to the theme of "ties between art and consumerism" repeatedly in maapits.

- bill 8-30-2010 3:07 pm [add a comment]

Ha ha, that photo of Judd with the primary structures dress, never saw that.
- tom moody 8-30-2010 3:19 pm [add a comment]

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