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"Dorothy Spears, on Steven Parrino, for the NYTimes - "In eight years and five solo New York shows, his former dealer José Freire said, he sold only two of Mr. Parrino’s paintings, one for $9,000 and the other for $10,000" I'm always curious how artists support themselves, especially those that are living in super-expensive NYC. What was Parrino doing for money"

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Anonymous said...
parrino was supported a good amount of that time by his wife, who worked full time.
the short answer is yes, while steve was married his wife worked. what is not reflected in the exchange however is the understanding of how choosing life in marginal (and sometimes dangerous!) neighborhoods could skirt the "super-expensive NYC" (real estate market, scene?) the poster refers to. and i think that probably was jose's experience, but steve managed for the most part on his own supported by meager european sales. he also shared his manhattan ave space with (2, 3, 4) other live/work artists. steve also knew how to live within his means and seamed to require little other than his music gear, bike and art materials. ok he did always sharp at openings too!
- bill 7-24-2008 3:48 pm

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