by super expensive yes i guess i mean mostly the real estate... i'm currently living in a nice little apt over the battenkill river in washington county, ny which costs $575/month. my previous apt, in richmond va, was a twobdrm two(full)bth with heat and hot water included, for $650/month total. it was in a real nice old neighborhood, right off monument avenue.

but also i meant general cost of life... and yes i live an extremely frugal lifestyle. right now i work on a vegetable farm for $9/hour if that gives you an idea, in richmond i was a raft guide and waited tables.

i can barely pay for that cheap rent, utilities and food (no car, no insurance, student loans in default) so yeah i was wondering how he could do it in nyc on apparently less than ten grand over eight years, plus whatever supplements might be provided by the european sales.

i know you guys are all super cool and knew parrino and all so of course i understand how you couldn't be bothered to clear any of that up over there.
- martin 7-24-2008 7:38 pm

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