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lacking a better historical record, im not sure gagosian has much to refer to to correct the record from. my beef started with smiths nyt obit. "...with a relentless if oddly energetic punk nihilism,..." (in the first sentence!!!) and i think i had issue with the umbrella term neo-geo and how it was defined by who she considered neo-geo artists:
Mr. Parrino first showed his paintings at Nature Morte, an East Village gallery, in 1984, emerging as part of a strain of postmodernism called Neo-Geo. Neo-Geo artists, who included Peter Halley, Wallace & Donahue, Haim Steinbach, John Armleder and Olivier Mosset, mixed modernist abstraction with a more cynical form of Pop Art worldliness by adding references to commerce, design, music or the movies.
i didnt recall steve using the term for personal identification. but then i recalled olivier's essay: MOSSET, Olivier. "STAR TREK, Neo-Geo: The Next Generation." Bomb Magazine Fall 1989: XXIX. so i could be altogether wrong on that note. lets just say its a loaded term used loadedly.

there certainly should be an authoritative record produced and the author would do well to start with interviewing the following people who were among the closest to steve: olivier mosset, bob nickas, steve di benedetto, monica (his wife) cady noland, joan wallace, matty mccaslin. he had many many other good friends who im sure would be glad to help as well. and then there were the nyc galleries: danny newberg, john gibson, david robbins (then of nature morte gallery), jose. also who ever his contact at metro pictures was. blair, the limited help i could be is questionable but im at your service. glad to hear something is in the works. thanks for sticking up for steve and keeping an interest. i should see steve di and matty tonight at the buttholes show. ill mention it.
- bill 7-29-2008 12:37 pm

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