i would guess that steve had confidence in his work. he took solace in knowing that certain minds he admired, respected his work ...and GOT IT!. im sure he felt he had all the time in the world for the rest to catch up with him. the confrontation via PUNK-VIOLENCE and SATANIST affiliations were guaranteed to flush out the stuff shirts. that was intentional and fundamental on symbolic and literal levels. it was a matter of setting (or resetting) RADICAL standards in painting and art. ill quote tom moody here : "Sometimes nihilism does mean nihilism, prompting the people it makes uncomfortable to explain it away as career frustration." the question is not how did he survive. dont worry about him he survived just fine as long as he did. what is obvious now is that ignoring him critically kept the art world apple cart upright and the status quo in place. its easier for every one who feeds at the art trough that way. steves roots were dadaist and he died a radical. with his boots on.
- bill 7-29-2008 9:16 pm

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